My Life

  • Birth

    I was Born at the calvalry hospital in tasmania at around midday (10:40, if i had to guess)
  • 1st Birthday

    I dont remember any thing about this birthday.
  • 2nd Birthday

  • Oldest Memory i have (3rd Birthday)

    Oldest Memory i have (3rd Birthday)
    Alpenrail Home I remember going to Alpenrail for my 3rd birthday where i went into the model area where the trains were, but they had it set in a storm so when the thunder cracked down it was so loud i got scared and cried. (Alpenrail is discontinued, so this link might direct somewhere else)
  • First day of School

    First day of School
    I started school at sacred heart in new town wherethe only thing i remember was hitting my head on the corner of a shelf and getting a egg-shaped lump on my head for a few days (this wasn't on the first day).
  • 4th Birthday

  • 5th Birthday

  • 6th Birthday

  • 7th Birthday

  • 8th Birthday

  • 9th Birthday

  • 10th Birthday

    This birthday i had at Zone 3 Lazer tag, but thats all i know. Zone3 Laser Tag
  • Switch to Hutchins

    This was the first day i had at hutchins, where i came here in grade 5. I remember not knowing where to go, not knowing anyone there, being lost around the grades and areas, but i got used to everything eventually.
  • 100 Kilometre Bike Challenge

    This was a What you do matters challenge where i had to ride 100 km over a months time that i did in grade 5, it also got me my new bike because my old one was too big for me.
  • 11th Birthday

    This birthday i spent at Tas laser Skirmish. But still, this is all i know Tas Laser Skirmish Home
  • First dog as my own (Daisy)

    First dog as my own (Daisy)
    I remember getting my pet dog as my own, and when we went to Dover to see her. She was also born a couple of days after my birthday (not in the same year) and we got her in december after she was ready to go to us.
  • When we won 2013 water polo

    this day was when our grade 5/6 water polo team hutchins magenta won the grand finals of 2013
  • 12th Birthday

    I spent this birthday at tas laser skirmish aswell.
  • Graduating from Grade 6

    On this day, i graduated from grade 6 where i remember going to the chapel to get my graduate certificate.
  • Favourite family holiday

    This is a family holiday i had where me and my dad went to dreamworld & movieworld where we went on all the rollercoasters and thrill rides. In the second week of the holidays we went to hamilton island.