Dwayne's Life

  • birth

  • First Christmas

    of Course i dont remember my first christmas but my parents did. They said it was one of the best days, i was smiling and laughing an haveing a good time, but i dont remember it.
  • 2nd birthday

  • Its a Girl!!!!

    My baby sister Kathleen Mae Layne was born. i remember my parents bringing her home from the hospital i was only about 2 so i was very jealous, i told my parents to take her back.
  • 3rd birthday

  • lost!!!!

    My parents and i went to walmart for something and some how i got out of the buggie while my mom was turned around an i ran off. walmart shut the store down and wouldnt let nobody in or out until they fount me. i was at the bikes looking at the bikes when my dad ran up to me and said "where you been boy!"
  • 4th birthday

  • Trick or teat!

    this is the first time i can remember goining trick ot treating because my mom and dad put this Michal Myers dress up guy to scare that the crap out of me
  • 5th birthday

  • lost again!

    i was outside and my brother was supposed to be watching me because i had a habbit of running off and well of course he wasnt watching me so i ran off and about an hour later my mom found me a few blocks away, she was very very angry with me but i didnt know any better i guess
  • All by myself

    i used to play checkers by myself, i dont know why but after a while i got bored a started playin with my sister
  • 6th birthday

  • summer lovin

    i had my first little girlfriend who lived across the street, i would go over there and we would catch lightning bugs when it got dark outside and put them in jars
  • 7th birthday

  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack

  • 8th birthday

  • my dog died

    my first dog i named baby died on this day it was very sad i had her for the longest time. She was a Siberian Huskey and Collie Mixed. she was beautiful and she died in her sleep:(
  • 9th birthday

  • 10th birtday

  • 11th birthday

  • sweet sixteen

    this was my older sisters sweet sixteen birthday party. this was when we lived in indiana, we had about 30 people there we had a lot of fun and alot of pizza!
  • 12th birthday

  • halloween Is over

    this was the last time i ever went trick or treating, by choice
  • Move time

    today we moved to kentucky because my dad and i wanted to be closer to my mamaw and other family on my dads side. little did we know my some of my moms family lives near here too so everything is working out fine.
  • 13th birthday

  • 14th birthday

  • 15th birthday

  • First Day Of High School

    First Day of High School, i remember walkin in an i was kinda nervous but excited. when i got there to the school i could get my locker open i couldnt find any of my classes, it was an overall bady day.
  • 16th birthday

  • near death

    my appendix almost ruptured
  • mountain fallllll

    i litterally triped and fell half way down a mountain. luckly i didnt break nothing but i was really sore for a few days.
  • KISS Tribute

    At the fall festival my cousins did a kiss tribute concert and they dressed up like them and everything it was so fun