Psych 229

  • Conception

  • Germinal Period

  • Embryonic Period

  • Fetal Period

  • Birth of Me!

    Birth of Me!
    Emotions- Crying and Contentment
  • Stage One Primary Circular Reactions are Fully Developed

    Stage One
  • Emotions- I am able to give a social smile

  • Emotions- Laughter & curiosity

  • Stage Two- Primary Circular Reactions Fully Developed

  • Emotions- Full, reponsive smiles

  • Emotions- Anger

  • Took my first steps

    Took my first steps
  • Stage Three- Secondary Circular Reactions are Fully Developed

  • First Birthday & Stage Four- Secondary Circular Reactions are Fully Developed

    First Birthday & Stage Four- Secondary Circular Reactions are Fully Developed
    Emotions- Fear of unexpected sights and sounds
  • Emotions- fear of social events

    i.e.- strangers, separation from my parents
  • Stage Five- Tertiary Circular Reactions are Fully Developed

    Emotions- self-awareness, pride, shame & embarrassment
  • Second Birthday & Stage Six of Tertiary Circular Reactions are Fully Developed

    Motor Skills- run for fun without falling (but bumping into things), climb up chairs, tables, beds, and out of crib, walk up steps, feed self with spoon, draw lines and spirals.
    Language- vocabulary- 100 to 2,000 words
    sentence length- 2 to 6 words
    grammar- plurals, pronouns, many nouns, verbs & adjectives
    questions- many "what's that? questions
  • Third Birthday

    Motor Skills- kickand throw a ball, jump with both feet off the floor, pedal a tricycle, copy simple shapes, walk down steps, climb ladders.
    Language- vocabulary- 1,000 to 5,000 words
    sentence length- 3 to 8 words in length
    grammar- conjunctions, adverbs, articles
    questions- many "why?" questions
  • Fourth Birthday

    Motor Skills- catch a ball, use scissors to cut, hop on either foot, feed self with fork, dress self, copy most letters, pour juice out spilling, brush teeth.
    Language- vocabulary- 3,000 to 10,000 words
    sentence length- 5 to 20 words
    grammar- dependent clauses, and tags at the end of sentences
    questions- peak of "why?", many "how?" and "when?" questions
    Reading Norm- understand basic book concepts, recognize name and letters- name the letter on sight
    Math Norm-count to 20, understand more & less
  • Fifth Birthday

    Fifth Birthday
    Motor Skills- skip and gallop in rhythem, clap, bang, and sing in rhythem, copy diffcult shapes and letters, climb trees, jump over things, use knife to cut, tie a bow, throw a ball, wash face and comb hair.
    Language- vocabulary- 5,000 to 20,000 words
    sentence length- some seem unending
    grammar- complex
    questions-some about difference (example- male vs. female and rich vs. poor) and many other issues
  • Sixth Birthday

    Motor Skills- Draw and paint with preferred hand, write simple words, scan a page of print, moving eyes in the appropriate direction, ride a bike, do a cartwheel, tie shoes, and catch a ball.
    Reading- sounds of constant and vowels, read simple words
    Math- count to 100, understand bigger and smaller, add & subtract
  • Seventh Birthday

  • Eighth Birthday

    Reading skills- simple sentences out loud, 50 words per minute
    Math skills- add and subtract 2-digit vowels, multipliction and division
  • Ninth Birthday

    Reading skills- read paragraphs and chapters, understand advanced punctuation, answer comprehension questions
    - Ovaries increase production of estrogen and progesterone
  • Half-Ninth Birthday

    Uterus and vagina begin to grow larger
  • Tenth Birthday

    Math Skills- add, subtract, multiply, and divide multidigit numbers, understand factions, percents, area, and perimeter
    - Breast "bud" stage
  • Eleventh Birthday

    Reading skills- rapid and fluent oral reading, over 100 words per minute, sound new words out, read for pleasure
    - Pubic hair begins to appear, weight spurt begins
  • Eleventh Half Birthday

    • Peak height spurt
  • Twelth Birthday

    Math skills- begin to use abstract concepts such as algebra
    - Peak muscle and organ growth, also hips are noticebly wider
  • Twelth Half Birthday

    • Menarche (first menstrul cycle)
  • Thirteenth Birthday

    Reading skills-continue to build vocabulary,more emphasis on comprehension than on speech
    - First ovulation
  • Fourteenth Birthday

    • Voice Lowers
  • Fifthteenth Birthday

    • Final public hair pattern
  • Sixteenth Birthday

    Sixteenth Birthday
    • Full breast growth
    • My limbic system is is maturing faster then my prefontal cortex, explaining way I am actiing so implusively.
    • My ability to think abstractly is developed, such as hypothetically and deductively.
    • My search for my identity is on-going.
    • My relationship with my parents is not the bet but they are still guiding me.
  • 18th Birthday

    • By now I have completed puberty. The main difference between my body now and what it was is the sexual activity. I now have a surplus of hormones and my reproductive system is developed.
    • My search for identity is still on goiong but I do have a much better feel of who I am.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial
  • First Day of College

    First Day of College
    Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial
  • 21st Birthday!

    • I am sure of my identity.
    • My body is at its peek, I am strong and healthy
    • I am learning to better balance my emotions and logic
    • College is furthering my communication and practical skills
    • My friendships have become a buffer to the stress in my life
  • Graduation from College & get a job as a nurse

  • 25th Birthday

    • My religious faith is playing a stronger role in my life.
    • Because of college I have now been exposed to a lot of different ideas and values
    • I am still continuing my way to discovering myself, though each year I am discovering more about who I really am.
    • I am close to my family even though I am not living close by.
  • Medical School

  • 30th Birthday

    • My self identity is becoming very clear
    • My body is still strong but my skin is looking just a bit older
  • Graduate from Medical School & get a job at the Hospital

  • Marriage

  • First 6 months of marriage

    The honeymoon period is over, now till 2029 the marriage happiness will dip
  • First Child

    First Child
    This will add much joy to my life, but also add much stress. Although with purpose in my life I can add up to seven years to my life.
  • Second Child

    Second Child
  • Fifth Wedding Anniversary

    The happiness in my marriage till 2034will hold steady
  • 40th Birthday

    • My body is aging both inside and out, I have had two children and my body did not bounce back the same as it was.
    • My skin is becoming more wrinkly
    • My pratical intelligence is wide because of lifes ups and downs
    • Caregiving has become a large part of joy in my life
    • Employment is also a large joy in my life
  • Tenth Wedding Anniversary

    The happiness in my marriage will dip for children are reaching puberty.
  • 50th Birthday

    • My sexual responseiveness and reproductive potential are reduced
    • Menopause is coming close fast therefore my ovulation is going to stop soon
    • My eyesight is not gone but is getting weaker, glasses needed.
    • Wrinkles are becoming more noticable
    • My personality hasn't changed much but I may be less conscientious and less neurotic
    • Caregiving is still a joy in my life
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary

    The happiness in my marriage will rises when the children leave the nest.
  • 60th Birthday

    60th Birthday
    -I am soon to retire but understand the importance of thinks such as volunteering to keep myself busy and have a greater purpose
    - My spiritual life is of great importance to me. This can also add time to my life.
    -I want to spend my time working for Doctors Without Borders
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary

    Happiness in my marriage will be high and steady, barring serious health problems
  • 70th Birthday

    70th Birthday
    • My life is starting to slow down, I am unable to work much anymore but I spend majority of my time traveling. Traveling will give me purpose and also time with my husband. By fulfilling my dreams of traveling I will achieve a sense of fulfillment.
  • 80th Birthday

  • My husband passes

    -My husband passing will effect my own health. Without him I will have even less purpose in life making it likely to shorten my own life.
    - I may have to move in with my family or go into a nursing home for learning to manage my medication, take care of my house, and using transportation may be diffcult.
  • Death

    I will die of natural causes and be buried next to my husband. I will leave everything to my children.