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Nevaeh Love Mendez's Personal Timeline (Feb 18, 2014)

  • Birth

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    My life

  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    I fell asleep in my birthday cake. It was yummy!
  • Birthday

  • 2nd Birthday

    2nd Birthday
  • Birthday

  • New baby brother Cruz

    New baby brother Cruz
    I got a new baby brother. Now he's not so little anymore
  • 3rd Birthday

    3rd Birthday
    I am a pretty pretty princess. I even got a princess cake.
  • Birthday

  • 4th Birthday

    4th Birthday
  • Birthday

  • First basketball game

    First basketball game
    My first basketball game was so scary. I cried and refused to play.
  • Birthday

  • 5th Birthday

    5th Birthday
    I got my first haircut on my 5th birthday. I wasn't too happy.
  • Ohio trip

    Ohio trip
    Family hiking and heritage trip to Ohio. The waterfalls were pretty.
  • Halloween 2011

    Halloween 2011
    Alice in wonderland was our theme this year. We love halloween.
  • Birthday

  • 6th Birthday

    6th Birthday
    The water was cold but I had fun. I want to go back to Georgia to go tubing again.
  • 1st day of 1st grade

    1st day of 1st grade
    I love Mrs Chant. She is the best teacher ever!
  • Halloween 2012

    Halloween 2012
    Halloween 2012 was so much fun. We did a family batman theme. I am cat woman. I got lots and lots of candy.
  • Birthday

  • 7th Birthday

    7th Birthday
  • Valentine's school dance

    Valentine's school dance
    Valentine's dance with my family. I rocked it out.
  • Dance recital

    Dance recital
    My first dance recital. This is my hip hop costume.
  • My first concert

    My first concert
    Mommy and me at the Justin Beiber concert. We had front row seats!!!!
  • Karate

    I am with my instructor Ms Castillo. I am now an orange belt.
  • Halloween 2013

    Halloween 2013
    Roman mythology theme. I was Athena, the goddess of wisdom.
  • My new puppy Luna

    My new puppy Luna
    We got a new puppy. Now she weighs more than me.
  • 8th Birthday

    8th Birthday
    I went to Gaylord Palms to see the ice sculptures on my 8th birthday. It was freezing. I almost turned into a popsicle.
  • Birthday