• Birth

    I was born on August 1, 1996.
  • Birth Mark

    I got the birth mark on my leg, because the nurse had a large diamond ring. She impinted it on my leg accidentally.
  • Surgery

    I had surgery for Pyloric Stenosis. It closes your small intestine, inducing vommitting and making it almost impossible to eat.
  • Walking

    I finally took my first steps only 8 months years old!
  • First Birthday!

    I had my first birthday and turned 1 year old.
  • Second Birthday!

    I had my second birthday and turned 2 years old.
  • Third Birthday

    I had my third birthday, and turned 3 years old.
  • Marcus Dreher

    My little brother, Marcus Dreher was born!
  • Fourth Birthday

    I had my fourth birthday and turned 4 years old.
  • Fifth Birthday!

    I had my fifth birthday and turned 5 years old.
  • Starting School!

    I started my first year of school, Prekindergarten!
  • Sixth Birthday!

    I had my sixth birthday and turned 6 years old.
  • Seventh Birthday!

    I had my seventh birthday and turned 7 years old.
  • Michigan

    I went to Michigan for my first time, and I vistited the sand dunes.
  • Eighth Birthday!

    I had my eighth birthday and turned 8 years old.
  • Ninth Birthday!

    I had my ninth birthday and turned nine years old.
  • Virginia!

    I went to Virginia for my first time ever, and I visited my Granda Kathy.
  • Tenth Birthday!

    I had my tenth birthday and turned 10 years old.
  • Eleventh Birthday!

    I had my eleventh birthday and turned 11 years old.
  • My Guitar

    My neighbor Bob decided to get me started on the guitar. I've been playing since!
  • Twelvth Birthday!

    I had my twelvth birthday and turned 12 years old.
  • Florida!

    I arrived in Florida for my first time ever. I went to DIsney land on Christmas.
  • Thirteenth Birthday!

    I had my thirteenth birthday and turned 13 years old. Like any other boy, I had no idea what was going on in my head and hated it. Boy am I glad thats over! Hahaha.
  • Junior High School!

    I started my first year of Junior High School. Seventh grade!
  • Florida, Again!

    I went to Florida for my second time!
  • Fourteenth Birthday!

    I had my fourteenth birthday and turned 14 years old.
  • Florida, yet again!

    I went to Florida for my third time! It never really gets old.
  • North Carolina!

    I went to North Carolina to visit my friends Marshal and Daniel.
  • Fifteenth Birthday!

    I had my fifteenth birthday and turned 15 years old.
  • Freshman Year!

    I had started my freshman year of High School.
  • McDonalds

    I got my first job working at McDonalds. It was a major milestone!
  • Sixteenth Birthday!

    I finally turned 16 years old!
  • Graduation!

    I finally graduate High School!
  • Off to College!

    I go to college at Bowling Green or OU.
  • Out of the Country!

    I go to Austria through college to continue my German studies.
  • College Graduation!

    I graduate college and may or may not go back to further my education.
  • Getting a Job

    I get a job in the Government doing translation of some sort.
  • Marriage

    I finally marry the girl I've been with. (Theoretically)
  • Kids!

    We finally have Kids, who hopefully grow up to be kind and logical people.
  • Death

    I die at the age of 80, after I lived a long and happy life.