Matthews life

  • Matthew was born

    yay this is the day I was born I was so tiny i do not want to go into much detail of this
  • Gunk emergency

    Gunk emergency
    About 1 hour after I was born I had stopped breathing due to gunk in my chest and after a run skreeming down the corridor I started crying this got me breathing
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    matthews life

  • Period: to

    baby years

    the years i was a baby
  • came home from hospital

    I came home for the 1st time
  • i learn to crawl

    i learn to crawl wile reching for my bottle I reached as far as i could but i culd not i lost balence and crawled so i would not fall of the chair
  • i walked

    i walked
    this is the day i walked for the 1st time ever when i used a walker toy then let go and walked to the TV well strait into it but still
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    This was my 1st birthday I can not remember it well but I got a very nice bouncing Tiger toy I press the head and it bounces up and down
  • i am a big brother

    i am a big brother
    david was born it was gross but david came out the wrong way round
  • moved house to ballsal common

    we moved alot closer to playgroop and there was a school near by and the house was biger
  • 2nd birthday

    2nd birthday
    I can't remember my 2nd birthday well
  • matthew 3rd birthday

    matthew 3rd birthday
    This is my 3rd birthday
  • thomas land

    I went to thomas land for my birthday but i was in a bad mood and i cryed all day
  • playschool starts

    playschool starts
    I started playschool and my favorat toy was a water tub with diferent levels and it had boats in.
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    the days i was at playschool
  • i have a sister

    i have a sister
    my sister was born i always liked rebecca more than david
  • 4th birthday

    4th birthday
    my 4th birthday I remember getting lots of Doctor Who toys
  • i rode a bike/swam lost a tooth

    i rode a bike/swam lost a tooth
    i had a big day out today and i learned to bike and swimm
    1st i went to a scate board park with my bike and rode it for the 1st time then I went to a pool and learned to swimm and at the end i had a snack and my 1st tooth came out
  • 1st day of school

    1st day of school
    1st day of school I still remember the picture my mum took of me all drest up in my uniform i had such a good day we counted in the morning we spelled in the afternoon and at the end i wrote all about it in a book
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    my days at school
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    ballsal common primary school

    my years at ballsal common primary school
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    year 1

    this was my favorat year at school
  • 5th birthday

    5th birthday
    i got a giant tardis today and it has a seacrat hole in the back to crall thru
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    year 2

    i can't remember mutch of year 2
  • 6th birthday

    6th birthday
    i can't remember this birthday
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    year 3

  • 7th birthday

    7th birthday
    i got the best present ever
  • ellie

    i got ellie the cemelion she was perfect i loved her
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    year 4

    this is year 4
  • 8th birthday

    8th birthday
    i was given a DS for this birthday
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    year 5/grade 3

  • move to germany

    move to germany
    i had some problems at 1st i thourt i would be killed for being english my mum toled me that dose not hapen any more but i did not want to go i would miss the house so my mum rented it
  • start school in germany

    start school in germany
    i started school in germany
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    my years at ISD
  • 9th birthday

    9th birthday
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    grade 4

  • first time skiing

    i went skiing there was machines that scaned me for my pass and ski lifts that were not like the ones on TV thay were ropes you would hold on to and it would pull you up
  • 10th birthday

    10th birthday
    doble digits i loved this birthday we went to the snow dome and went tabogoning
  • Period: to

    grade 5

  • exhibision

    in the exerbision i did it on the greeks
  • ran over

    ran over
    i was ran over on a round about
  • 11th birthday