Our First Year of Marriage

  • DeFalco Wedding

    DeFalco Wedding
    James and I got married at the Catholic Student Center at the University of South Alabama.
  • Honeymoon

    We went on our honeymoon to the British Virgin Islands
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    James and I went to the British Virgin Islands for our honeymoon.
  • Alford Wedding

    Alford Wedding
    We went to New Orleans for our really good friends Matt and Jessi's wedding!
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    My First Teaching Job

    I taught 3rd grade at E.R. Dickson
  • We're Pregnant

    We're Pregnant
    Found out we were pregnant with our first baby before Mass on this glorious Sunday morning.
  • James' 27th birthday

    James' 27th birthday
  • First Christmas

    First Christmas
    Our first Christmas together as a married couple
  • New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve
    Happy New Year!
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    In Holy Trinity

    We took a trip to see my Oma in Holy Trinity, AL
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    CSA Hiking Trip

  • Hiking Trip

    Hiking Trip
    Hiking Trip with the CSA
  • First Baby Shower

    First Baby Shower
    This shower was at my mom's friend's apartment.
  • 2nd Baby Shower

    2nd Baby Shower
    This shower was at the CSA and it was beach themed!
  • 3rd Baby Shower

    3rd Baby Shower
    This shower was at James' work--HatchMott. It was a diaper shower
  • My 23rd Birthday

    My 23rd Birthday
  • Isabella's Birth

    Isabella's Birth
    All 6lbs and 6oz arrived at 12:20 in the morning!
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    At Springhill Hospital

    Learning how to be parents!
  • One Year Wedding Anniversary

    One Year Wedding Anniversary
  • Isabella's Baptism

    Isabella's Baptism