Oregon Trail

  • pack up and gooooo!

    pack up and gooooo!
    We had to leave early and sell our house so we can go on our way to a new life.if we leave too early there wont be grass for oxen and if we leave to late weather will trouble us
    CAPTION: this is what people do when they go on the oregon trail.
  • Dont travel alone

    Dont travel alone
    Traveling with other families is a must when traveling. you wouldnt want to get hurt on the way
    CAPTION: picture is of a wagon train
  • Independence, Missouri

    Independence, Missouri
    we have to make a pit stop at Independence, Missouri to grab some suppllies for the rest of the trip
    CAPTION: Independence, Missouri
  • The long trail into the unknown

    The long trail into the unknown
    Traveling is hard. The others might not agree with you and you have to pick leaders, also leaving too early or too late is a no no. if you leave too early there wont be enough food for the oxen and if you leave to late then you wont be able to get over the mountains.
    CAPTION: The pioneers are moving through the grass.
  • indians!

    as we begin to cross the great plains we see a group of people... like a tribe, they're Indians! They let us pass free, but for a toll
    CAPTION: These are some Indians the pioneers face during the way
  • Buffalo Attack!

    Buffalo Attack!
    when the bulls start coming you better start running. They'll mess up your campsite and they may even scare some of your oxen. some of your men got 'em but thats not enough we may need a fire to scare 'em off
    CAPTION: this is a buffalo stampede with a couple of wagons stuck in the stampede
  • mealtimes

    meals were not pleasent. we ate bread and meat that was dried out and moldy flower, stale coffee, bacon full of maggots, and damp sugar. and sometimes it got stolen by animals
    CAPTION: this is food that is cooking for the pioneers
  • crossing rivers

    crossing rivers
    swimmings not cool where we come from so we gotta either go the deep way or take the ford chained together with other wagons which is very dangerous one could go sideways or get overturned and then one wagon is down the stream
    CAPTION: this is a wagon crossing a river
  • the fort!

    the fort!
    this is the other stoppingpoint for us. we relax eat buy mend wash sleep and listen to others tell stories.
    CAPTION: this is a wagon train crossing a river to get to fort laramie
  • done in done for

    done in done for
    on the dangerous trip you gotta protect your animals and take care of them cause theyre your only hope of gettin to oregon and good meat at the end. If you don't they will finally just give up and never get up.
    CAPTION: This is an oxen that probably gave up and died from exhaustion
  • Last lap

    Last lap
    this is the hardest part of the journey. There could be snow or rapids. the animals are too tired to go fast. there could also be cliffs, banks and gullies, and obstacles that slow down your progress
    CAPTION: this is a picture of some pioneers that got caught in the snow
  • The journeys end

    The journeys end
    now that we have reached the end there is work to be done. we have to chop and heave and build until we get our log cabins finished
    CAPTION: after the pioneers found land they began working this is them building a log cabin