new france history

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    history of new france

  • Louis XIV

    New france became a new province under Louis XIV, the king of new france and more land means more money,power and wealth for the french. It was a good choice from the king of new france to do this.
  • Louis buade de frontanac

    Louis buade de frontanac became governer of new france on April 7th It was nice that the people of new france could have a governer like him and it will help with the army. That is what the french need to defend themselves.
  • Roman Catholic

    Creation of the Roman catholic diocese of Quebec Francois de Laval is Bishop. That was a new start for the religion for new france to start they would help the first nations people teaching them their religion.
  • Arrival of the Intendent

    Arrival of an Intendent Jacques Duchesneau a great addition to the french community as the population and power keeps on growing for the people of new france, and it will also help the king.
  • Joseph-Antonie le Febvre de la barre

    Arrival of Govener Joseph Antonie and Intendent Jaqcues de Meulles adds an extra bonus to the new france group as the two eligetes have united with new france to form a more powerful unit.
  • war

    The start of the war between the french and british started to really take it's toll as that bitter rivalry started breaking out between these two places. The two once in the same continent were fighting for land in north america.
  • Montreal

    Jaqcues David appionted royal notary of Montreal claiming a special land for new france and it is an area full of royalty. New france should benifit from this land alot.
  • Quebec City

    Quebec city is forfited by the king new france. That means the king gave up the land for new things are not looking good for new france. It gets worse by the years for new france as they keep on looking for land.
  • Louisbourg lost

    Louisbourg is lost to the english. During the war of new france and britain louisbourg was lost to the british as the people of new france were retreating. Sad events are now starting because of the british wanting land just like they did.
  • Surrender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The french surrender to the british as the war of britain and new france had ended with many people dieing like General Wolf. It was a tragiec event in new france especially when the population was doing so well, then the british had to ruin it.