My typical day

  • Wake up at 6:20 am.

    Wake up at 6:20 am.
    Lazy but I have too.
  • 6:55 am, time to go to school

    6:55 am, time to go to school
  • First class

    First class
    Physics Hn. This class is one of the "free" classes. When the teacher is done with his talking we can do whatever we want.
  • Second class

    Second class
    English... a lot of reading and writing, busy class
  • Breaks

    I hate when people walk slow...
    We are require to get from one class to another only in 5 minutes.
  • Period 3.

    Period 3.
    Math. Book, notes and calculator thats all we need.
  • 4/5 :)

    4/5 :)
    Rules are easy:
    - Be on time
    -Be ready to work hard
    -Be respectful
    - Have your uniform on.
  • 6/7

    Human Dev.
    The only class that is mixed. Freshmen and senior in the same class.
    Have to be ready to talk and make a lot of presentations
  • 8

    This is the only 25 minutes in my whole school day that I can relax and not think about homework.
    Rules? clean up after yourself!!!
  • Period 9.

    Period 9.
    NO ENGLISH!!!, Italian only!!!
    Love this class. Respect and equality.
  • Period 10.

    Period 10.
    Sociology Hn. All people are different. We all can say whatever we want and probably the big conversation will explode
  • School is over !!! 3;40-4:40

    School is over !!! 3;40-4:40
    Gymmmm time.
    The rules are easy clean up whatever you used and stay busy.
  • Home

    Usually i'm very tired. Quick dinner and time for homework. By 8pm i'm done with everything. I watch some tv. Shower and sleep !!!