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  • Television

    This will forever be my childhood favorite.
  • Magazines, Newspapers

    Magazines, Newspapers
    Top Gear Philippines magazine. News.
  • PS3

    The video game, Gran Turismo 5, was released on this platform. This became a big factor in the racing game category of video games. One of the best games in my opinion. My best friend and I met each through this game that was released in this console.
  • Youtube

    Changed my life forever. This became my medium for automotive content as well as gaming content. I feel sorry for televisions as I don't use them anymore, cable to be exact.
  • Internet

    Changed my life forever.
  • Facebook

    My very first official social media experience. I can say that Facebook changed the whole world's perspective of evolution and communication.
  • Twitter

    Good concept, I don't use it though. This became a medium for memes too.
  • iPhone 3G

    iPhone 3G
    My first ever iPhone handed down to me from my 2nd to the oldest sister. The O.G. iOS 6 days!
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    This was also a hand me down from my sister. Won't forget this was the end of the big charger days of the iPhone lineup.
  • iPhone 5

    iPhone 5
    I owned this particular iPhone for plenty of so years. It experienced a lot such as repeated battery repairs and screen damage from being dropped.
  • Instagram

    I really enjoyed this application. You can actually have a living off of this medium.
  • Vine

    This app was fun. Unfortunately, this app had to shut down. This will forever be in everyone's hearts. :))
  • PS4

    This was one of my best experiences in online gaming until the prices of PS Plus increased. I couldn't afford 1 year subscription, but even though, this would be one of the best consoles yet.
  • Snapchat

    It was the original then Instagram followed then 'til Facebook went next.
  • Dubsmash

    This was also unforgettable just like Vine.
  • Musical.ly

    This was also unforgettable just like Dubsmash.
  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6
    This is still my phone up to now. Still performs well considering its age.
  • Tiktok

    This was also unforgettable just like Musical.ly
  • Gaming Laptop

    Gaming Laptop
    Made gaming and work convenient. I am able to do both of them anywhere.