my timeline

  • brothers birthday (Callum)

    brothers birthday (Callum)
    Callum was born in scotland aberdeen.
  • Sister's birthday (Rebecca)

    Sister's birthday (Rebecca)
    Rebecca was born in scotland aberdeen
  • Sister's Birthday (Emma)

    Sister's Birthday (Emma)
    Emma was born in scotland aberdeen.
  • My Birthday (Teagan)

    My Birthday  (Teagan)
    I Was born in scotland aberdeen.
  • France

    I'm not sure it was the 20th but it was 2 months after i was born that we drove to france.
  • England

    First time going to england seeing my grandmother for about what felt like a year.
  • Austria

    Lived in Austria
  • Austria / Austraila

    Lived in Austraila & Austria
  • Italy

    British race was held at Italy.
  • Callum

    Callum did his first race in New Zealand.
  • Norway

    First time going to Norway, Cold and walked on ice.
  • Slovinia

    Did a race came 19th (not good) Rebecca Came 2nd
  • Italy

    Got my new pair of boots from the fctory
  • New Zealand

    First Time i've ever been there to ski
  • Slovakia

    Did a race and was the first austrailan girl to be on the stage other than Rebecca (Came 4th)
  • Japan

    Rebecca & I went to japan for the first time.
  • Home

    Rebecca & I came back home from japan to find we got a dog.