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My Summer of 2012

  • Erika's Birthday

    Erika's Birthday
    Erika's birthday was today and I had cake! She had all of her friends over and they were pretty annoying. She had a piñate which I got to hit also. Acouple days after her friend birthday party, we had a family birthday party.
  • Last day of school

    Last day of school
    I finished 7th grade, thank god I passed. We played kick ball and other fun games. After school was over, I had my first day of softball. When that was over i went home.
  • Ashley's Birthday

    Ashley's Birthday
    On Ashley's birthday we went to my grandpa's house to celebrate it. We had a birthday party for her and we invited family. She turned 3 but she look like she's 2. We stayed at my grandpa's the whole weekend and had cake.
  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    On July 4th, my family and I went to Inwood for a parade. We got lots of candy and got to see family. We went shopping at their little carnival thing. When we got back, we went and got fireworks and did those.
  • Camping trip

    Camping trip
    I went to Minnesota and Canada with my family. We had a lot of fun but it was a long ride. When we got there we went fishing, and went fishing the whole week. We also went to a hotel that we havnt been to in 3 years, that was really fun.
  • Babysitting my baby cousin

    Babysitting my baby cousin
    I went to my cousin's house to babysit her daughter. She was a lot of work. Unfortunentlly, I got homesick and puked the 2nd day I was there. The next day my mom came and babysat her while i slept and puked. Then we came home.
  • Getting ready for school

    Getting ready for school
    When I got back from babysitting, I went school shopping. It was at the last minute but i didn't care as long as I got the stuff. We went to Walmart in Sioux Falls to get the school stuff. My mom and I went while my dad and my 2 little sisters stayed home.