My Summer Of 2012

By Deliaa
  • Last Day Of 7th Grade

    Last Day Of 7th Grade
    On the last day of school we played kickball outside. We also had a dodge ball turnament. After we were done playing we got our stuff together and left home. After school my friends and I went to hang out at the park.
  • Spending time with Friends

    Spending time with Friends
    After the first day of school my friends and I kept hanging out at the park until the swimming pool would open. Other days we went swimming out to the South Pit. We also played basketball when we were done swimming.
  • My Brother's Birthday Party

    My Brother's Birthday Party
    For my brother's birthday we went to celebrate it at Lake Pahoja. We had a cook out and went swimming. After we all got bored swimming we got out of the lake and played volleyball. We all had fun and when we left, we went straight home to change and put our stuff away and went to go watch fireworks.
  • More birthday partys

    More birthday partys
    On July 19 it was my brother and my nephew's birthday, to celebrate it my nephew's parents made a party for both of them. It was so fun and the cake was really good too! The piñata was also fun all though some of us didn't get to hit it.
  • Going to a quinceñera

    Going to a quinceñera
    I went to Gladis' quinceñera and it was beautiful. I really enjoyed the suprise dance she had. The cake there was good too. I had fun and I liked the whole thing.
  • Celebrating my sisters' birthdays

    Celebrating my sisters' birthdays
    My parents were celebrating my two littlest sisters' birthdays. We had to piñatas and a cook out. The kids broke the piñata when it was raining but the whole thing was fun.
  • Starting 8th Grade

    Starting 8th Grade
    Starting 8th grade was pretty good. I liked seeing my friends again. I also liked seeing the teachers. It was kind of confusing because of the schedule but I liked getting our laptops back.