My perfect holidays!

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  • Arrival a Murcia

    Arrival a Murcia
    We arrived at Murcia more specific to Mazarron. When friends and family arrive they greet us and we spend all that day with them chatting.
  • Go to the beach all the day

    Go to the beach all the day
    today go to beach, in the morning and in the afternoon. And my friends a me going to jump on the rocksand play soccer.
  • My grandma birthay and my aunt!!

    My grandma birthay and my aunt!!
    Today is my grandmother's birthday and even my aunt's birthday too, so that day we are all together and we are going to have dinner at a restaurant.
  • Family day

    Family day
    my parents arrive, and go to dinner to the best restaurantin the world and then we will all buy ice cream.
  • The arcade

    The arcade
    in the morning change the beach, and in the night go with my friends to my favorite place, the arcade.
  • Cinema

    Today we are going to the cinema, it is the tradition to say goodbye to summer. My grandmother makes us dinner and we buy the drink there, when the movie ends we go to the house of one of my friends and we chat and play the guitar.
  • The last day

    The last day
    today we return home and since there are many hours we can't be distracted