My Life So Far

  • First Day On Earth

    First Day On Earth
    I am born today and my mom almost died because of a desease. I am born in a weight of 4.4 kilogram. The weight was mostly focused in the head.
  • The World Trade Center collasped

    The World Trade Center collasped
    Bin Laden did it. Almost everyone are dead inside the Center. Laden did this because he's a muslim and wanted to kill Americans. I don't think it's good to do that.
  • Plink! Aww...Eewww...Whew!

    Plink! Aww...Eewww...Whew!
    Manholes are dangerous!!!!!!!!! When I'm 2 granma accidentally carried me into one! She managed to climb out but hurted her thumb. I felt very sorry for her. But I'm thankful we survived.
  • To Thailand

    To Thailand
    This is my first time to is my first airplane trip too. when I saw the red roofs of the houses I said they are 'roof with eggs', which really means 'tomatoes with eggs'.sigh...I am one of the 'tomatoes' now!
  • Homework!!

    Once upon a time, there is a boy who hates swimming. One day his dad wanted to train him and the boy said,''My homework isn't finished!!!!!!!!!!!! And that boy is me! That's ridiculous, isn't it?
  • Walt Disney's Great Work

    Walt Disney's Great Work
    Disney. The magical world of wonders and laughters. I in the front of my eye!
  • Falling Jackie Wu

    Falling Jackie Wu
    Today is the first day I rode an bicycle. I made the 2-wheel riding possible for me but I fell a few times. I felt it's useless at first but I'm thankful afterwards.
  • The Dream City

    The Dream City
    I went to Macao that day. It was beautiful! The lion mermaid (as you can call it) is surprisingly impressive! At first I don't like it but loves it later! Wish you can visit it!
  • Huh?

    I wanted to swim in a 3 celsius weather! After dressing in a swimming suit I hopped into the water. It's warm!!!!!! How come? After the swim I knew that the swimming pool is applied with warm water.
  • Beijing

    This is the best trip I ever had! But I don't like a few things: We wnt to the 13 graves but I didn't dare to go in. We went to the Great Wall but didn't walk to the top. We ate in a restaurent and got a really bad stomachache
  • Shanghai

    Shanghai! The city of Dreams is right before my eye! It's hard to beleive such a beautiful city was taken over by Japan 79 years ago! We left fast but I wish we can stay
  • The Hoarse Horse

    The Hoarse Horse
    That time we went to a farm with a friend. We ate in a yurt and felt the fresh breeze. Then we rode horses. What a great time it was! I love it!!!!!!
  • Period: to


  • the Perfect Gunner

    the Perfect Gunner
    Today we went to the Sunny Farm. In the shooting games I reached the percentage of 98percent. The operator is mad because that meant lots of prizes, but finally we took a baloon each.
  • The 18+ Only Party

    The 18+ Only Party
    This is about the worst day of life! The full moon party is killing me!!!!!!! I saw people writing the F word everywhere. I suggest nobody goes, so there's no torturing(ex:jumping a rope of fire).
  • Period: to

    Switzerland volcano's eruption

    Switzerland volcano's erupted and we are stuck in Switzerland!!!
  • Elizabeth Taylor dead

    Elizabeth Taylor dead
    Elizabeth Taylor was a famous actress, she act in many movies, such as Cleopatra. And now she's dead!
  • Rumble...

    Japan earthquake had caused the nuclear explosion, which made its way to finance problems. Arise, people! Save Japan from the terrible fate!
  • Line project done

    Our class have been working on line project since last December. And I am the first one to finish it! I also finished the leaf painting, and was working on the leaf printing
  • to Holland

    to Holland
    We are going to Holand and Paris. I am quite excited in this trip. We are staying in Armstadam.
  • City of amazements

    City of amazements
    Paris is really the'City of amazements'! From Notre Dame to Effel Tower. From Mona Lisa to Fontainbleau. It's a paradise! Go there for the holiday!
  • Bin Laden is dead

    Bin Laden is dead
    Remember him? The one who bombarded the World Trade Center? Well, he's killed by CIA! I felt very excited about this event. But l wondered why Father Travis didn't pray for him.(huh??????????????)