my girragundji tobyr

Timeline created by Noble3N
  • the frighting night

    it was so dark, i was so tired, then i almost fell asleep
  • the frighting night continues

    It was so dark, i was so tired that i almost fell asleep until i heard foot steps it's was the hairy man it had to be.
  • the hairy man

    When i heard the footsteps i got out of bed and jump back [standing].I was scared for a second until i thought for a minute, i have to be brave. So when the hairy man came in he turn around and left for some reason, was he scared of me did he not like me.
  • i'm confused

    I am so confused he just left as fast as blink of an eye. So i lay back down and went to sleep.
  • telling a story

    The next morning i woke up last every won was outside near a fire, i told them what had happen but know one believed me. So i went to my room looking confused, why didn't the believe me.
  • going on a trip

    It was so early that day and dad woke me telling me where going on a trip, i got so excited. I got ready to go and i saw dad packing the car, ARE YOU READY YET!, coming. I got in the car put my seat belt on then we head off.
  • going on a trip continues

    On our way we had a lunch break for one hour, then we kept going. Finally we arrived after 2 hours.I was so sore that i could barely walk. After about 10 minutes it started to rain, so we went home again
  • when we got home

    When we got home everyone was in side with the fire still on. We heard screams from coming inside we ran. It was the HAIRY MAN, the hairy man had scared everyone gone. then the hairy man turned around at me then he ran away again. My dad looked at me and said ''i believe you now''
  • around the fire

    It was night, everyone sat at the fire telling stories. Then we stopped, we heard something in the bushes it it it was a dog that looked very sick so we gave it some food and water, and kept it as our pet.