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  • When we meet

    When we meet
    All we, we met in the school. All the primary and secondary we went together, in the same class and always we stay together. Our parents, also, are very good friends and always we met for dinner, for lunch on the weekend, ...
  • When we start the band

    When we start the band
    The day that we started it was on the 6th of June of 2014 when we were 7. This day all we met at a restaurant for dinner and we decided to start a band of music. We were saying a lot of names, and finally, we decided MORE THAN YOU BAND.
  • The first song

    The first song
    Two years later of the creation of the group we started a song, but not a simple song, we started the song. After a long discussion, the title of the song was, The incredible child. This song took about a child that was very courageous and could beat his horror for spiders.
  • Period: to 2025 BCE

    Music Band More Than You

  • The first concert

    The first concert
    Two years later of the first song, we wrote a lot of songs, like:
    The incredible band, We are four, You are generous.
    With all of these songs, we could do a concer in our town, Castle Combe. All the neighbour came to see all the songs that we created.
  • Our first album

    Our first album
    After the first concert, we stayed all year searching for new rhythms and letters for news songs. And finally, with a lot of work, we started a new album with 8 songs. The name of the songs are:
    Pretty girl.
    This is my life.
    You can.
    The news pop stars.
    All the things.
    We can do a better world.
    We won.
    Allday thinks.
  • The MORE THAN YOU concert

    The MORE THAN YOU concert
    After the first song, the first concert, and, the first album, the people are knowing more about the band and finally, we could do the dreamed concert of all the members of the group. We could do a concert with 6000 people. The concert was incredible because all the people were singing all the songs that we were singing. Finally our dream was coming real.