Mohandas K. Gandhi

  • Born

    Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India.
  • Marriage

    Gandhi and Kasturbai are married.
  • Gandhi leaves

    Gandhi leaves for England to study law
  • Ambulance corps

    Outbreak of Boer War in South Africa. Gandhi organizes an ambulance corps for the British.
  • Opens office

    Gandhi opens an office in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • First Protest

    Gandhi organizes his first protest against laws in South Africa.
  • Attacked

    Attacked and wounded by Mir Alam, for reaching settlement with Smuts.
  • Massacre

    Amritsar massacre kills 379 and 1,100 wounded.
  • 6 years in jail

    Gandhi is sentenced to six years in jail after a big trial
  • Declaration of Independence

    Gandhi publishes the Declaration of Independence of India.
  • Jail

    Gandhi has to go to jail for breaking India's Salt Laws.
  • All Indian Village Industries Association

    He launches the All Indian Village Industries Association
  • Quit India Movement

    Gandhi begins the nationwide Quit India movement.
  • Wife dies

    Gandhi's wife dies at age 74
  • Gandhi dies

    On January 30, Gandhi is killed at a prayer meeting.