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Time Machine

By katye
  • Ram Mohun Roy

    Ram Mohun Roy
    Indians begin to demand modernization and the right to govern themselves. Ram Mohun Roy(a well educated, modern thinking Indian) began a campaign that would moved Indians away from traditional practices and ideas. Roy´s writings had a great influence in the minds of other Indians and he founded a social reform movement that worked for a change in India. Indians were still payed less than the Europeans. (The picture illustrates Ram Mohum Roy)
  • Indians Rebel

    Indians Rebel
    Gossip spread through the Indian soldiers that the cartridges of their Enfield rifles were greased with beef and pork fat. The soldiers had to bite off the ends in order to be able to use the cartridges. The commander was shocked when he knew that 85 of the 90 Indian soldiers refused to accept the cartridges. The British handled the crisis very badly. The soldiers who disobeyed were put in jail. (This picture represents the Inid aarmy because they rebel.)
  • British gain control

    British gain control
    The British government took direct control of India. This country came to be under the British crown during the reign of Queen Victoria. (This picture illustrates Queen Victoria because India came to be under the British.)
  • Hindu Indian national congress

    As a result of the growing nationalism, the founding of the Hindu Indian National Congress or Congress Party was created, which celebrated a largest democratic political party to promote economic reforms and to influence the policies of the British authority.
  • Gandhi became a lawyer

    Gandhi passes his exam and becomes a lawyer, also his mother passes away while he is studying.
  • Gandhi thrown off a train

    Gandhi thrown off a train
    Gandhi is thrown off a train in South Africa for refusing to move his seat, which was third class into first one. By doing this he commits his first civil disobedience. (This is a picture of a train because Gandhi was thrown of a train.)
  • Muslim League

    Muslim League
    The Muslim League took place in this year, which was a political group that was led by Jinnah, and one who protested for the protection of the rights of the Indian Muslims. (This picture is the flag with the symbol of the Muslim League and it represents the Indian National Congress)
  • Protest

    Gandhi and 2,000 fellow Indians in Johannesburg burn their registration cards in protest. Even as Gandhi and other leaders are repeatedly arrested over 6 years of protest, non-violent rallies continue to grow in size.
  • Gandhi arrested

    Gandhi arrested
    Gandhi is arrested and sentenced to two months in prison. (This picture represents Gandhi being sad because he was arrested so it is showing himself being at prison.)
  • Ganhi goes to London

    Gandhi travels to London, pushing for rights of South African Indians. The Transvaal registration law is repealed.
  • Ganhi voyage

    Gandhi travels to London, pushing for rights of South African Indians. The Transvaal registration law is repealed.
  • Law is repealed

    Gandhi travels to London, pushing for rights of South African Indians. The Transvaal registration law is repealed.
  • Indian troops return

    The Indian Troops returned home from the war. in which over a million had enlisted themselves in the British army. They expected Britain´s promise that in return for their service, they would eventually self-govern. Instead, they were once again treated as second-class citizens. Radical Nationalists started acts of violence to demonstrate their hatred toward the British.
  • Government of India Act

    Government of India Act
    The British passed the Rowlatt Acts. As an act of protest, 10,000 Hindus and Muslims flocked to Amritsar in the spring. A huge festival took place in an enclosed square and they intended to fast, pray and listen to political speeches. Public meetings were banned and, under General Dyer, British troops slaughtered the Indian protesters. 400 died while 1200 were left wounded. (This picture represents the government act done in India in the year 1919.)
  • Congress party refused

    The congress party did not cooperated with the British government. They deliberately refused to obey the law nonviolently to achieve their independence. Gandhi's tactics were to weaken the British government´s authority. Gandhi called the Indians to refuse anything British including goods, paying taxes and voting for the elections. Gandhi calls for a period of non-cooperation across India.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Gandhi writes the Declaration of Independence for India and organized a demonstration to defy the hated Salt Acts. Instead of buying salt from the British which was what the law stated, Gandhi and his followers walked about 240 miles to the seacoast where they collected their own salt. This calm and peaceful protest was called the Salt March. (This picture is representing the protest called the salt march.)
  • British Parliament

    British Parliament passed the Government of India Act. It contained self-government and limited democratic elections but it was still lacking total independence. This also reduced the tension between the Hindu and Muslim Indians. Since the Hindu outnumbered the Muslims, the Muslims thought that the Hindus would take full control of the independence.
  • British House act passes

    The British House of Commons passed an act that granted two nations, India and Pakistan. Indian independence was created. More than 500 independent native princes had to make quick choices of which nation they would join. The whole civil service had to be divided. Even the religious group of Sikhs had to decide where to go.
  • Gandhi assassination

    Gandhi assassination
    The spiritual leader of India Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Godse because he went to plead for the well treatment of the Muslims captured exposed himself vulnerably. A Hindu extremist who believed that Gandhi was over protecting the Muslims shot and killed him. (This picture represents Gandhi's death since he is in a tumb and it is showing his funeral.)