Mahatma gandhi 524

The Independance of the Peaceful

  • The Mutiny

    The Mutiny
    This is when the first rebellion of the Indian started, they wanted to become independant began as a mutiny of Sepoys of the East India Company’s army it started in the town of Meerut, later it was spread around India.
  • The Act

    The Act
    This was the act of the parliment of the united kingdom, which had by then been rulling over British India. This transfered functions, to the British crown. The Prime Minister of United Kingdom introduced a bill that said that now the Government of India had control over East india.
  • The Birth

    The Birth
    Mohandas gandhi was born in a small town in northwest india called Porbandar.
  • Father's Death

    Father's Death
    When the young inidan Gandhi was 15 years old his father dies.
  • Indian National Congress

    Indian National Congress
    In 1885, Allan Octavian Hume, a Scotsman, helped form the Indian National Congress. First President of Indian National Congress — W. C. Banerjee
  • England for Law Studies

    England for Law Studies
    September 4, 1888: Gandhi leaves for England to study law. He is sent away from his hamily, just three years after his father is dead. He wants to study Law in England and he does it he is just 18 years old.
  • New Home

    New Home
    Spring 1894: ·Gandhi elects to stay on South Africa, and founds the Natal Indian Congress. Gandhi wants to stay in South Africa because of a visit he does, he decides to stay there because they need help, he wants his message to be heard in South Africa and he knows that South Africa is a very rasist place, Gandhi wants to start making a difference there.
  • Boer War

    Boer War
    The struggle (1899-1901) between Britain and the Boer republics, ending in British control of South Africa. Most of the Prisoners where kept in India.
  • Satyagraha Campaign

     Satyagraha Campaign
    Gandhi istarted the first satyagraha campaign it was made for peace. It ocurred in Camparan district. it was non-cooperation to protest the Transvaal Asiatic Amendments Act. a law that required the registration and fingerprinting of all Indians. Until 1911 when this act, known as the “Black Act” was broken, Gandhi continued to protest this legislation, he never gave up and he always stood for his rights.
  • Flu

    One of the first serious flus, was the pendemic flu. It was an influenza that killed people nearly about 50 million to 100 million people died because of the flu. 17 million people who died where Indian Citizens, this affected and inpacted the indian Independance, this flu made governers get worried. It was an inpact all around the world.
  • Advocating

    Gandhi begins to support the farmers who were charged extra taxes. Fermers were poor had no money and where in famines, Gandhi wanted leadership in order to seriously help those farmers who needed it.
  • Rowlatt Bill

    Rowlatt Bill
    Rowlatt Bill was introduced, The Government of India rushed the Rowlatt Bills, through the Imperial Legislative Council. This was an act to control the public/ people during war in India. This law was passed by the British govenrnment.
  • Gandhi Era

    Gandhi Era
    This is when Gandhi started to move faster, he was sure of what he wanted he started to fight harder for the independance of India, it all started with a non- cooperation system. It was the first time nationwide that people where disobedience to government. It was led by Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Congress.
  • Declaration

    The declaration of the independance was promoted by the National congress. Not all declarations are succesful but the indiand tried their best, their country was divided and ruled by different leaders. The declaration was to resolve the congress, and also for Indian fighters to fight for Purna Swaraj. The declaration was against the British Empire that had part of India under control.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Gandhi's march to the sea, in spring 1930, to protest the British government's salt monopoly.
  • Arrested

    Gandhi is arrested for violating the Salt Laws; non-cooperation movements break out across India.
  • First Step

    First Step
    This is when the Government of India's act passes the British Parliment and it is implemented in India. It is the first step the Indian take towards Independance.
  • Released

    Gandhi is released from the Aga Khan's palace.
  • Indep.

    This is the date of Independance.The country is a succesful and happy country. The Indian Independence Act 1947 was the statute (10 and 11 Geo VI, c. 30) enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom promulgating the partition of India and the independence of the dominions of Pakistan and India.
  • Partition

    What Gandhi has feared had come to pass. India was to be divided, but partition was not being imposed; it had been accepted by Nehru, Patel and a majority of the Congress leaders. Gandhi had serious doubts on the wisdom of this decision.
  • RIP

    Ghandi is assassinated by Nathuram Vinayuk Godse, a Hindu nationalist.