India´s Struggle for Independence Under the British Empire

  • Indian Rebellion

    Indian Rebellion
    Indians rebeled against the British for their independence.
    The Indians rebelled against the British government because they despereatley wanted to gain their indepenencde and become a country that had no other country controlling them. AKA the British Government. The photograph relates to this event because it shows the fighting between the British government and the Indians that were trying to rebel against them... relating to the titile ˝indian Rebellion.˝
  • India Becomes a British Colony

    India Becomes a British Colony
    India officially becomes a British colony. The Britsh government establish certain rules. Apart from this the Government of India Act takes place to calm down all the effects that the Indian rebellion caused in 1857. the photo relates to this because it shows how India became ˝British India˝ basically meaning that it was under British control; British colony.
  • *Birth

    Gandhi was born in Porbandar in West Bengal, India on October 2nd, 1869. His mother was called Putlibai Gandhi and his father Karamchand Gandhi. The image relates to this event because the woman in the image is Gandhi´s mother, the woman who brought him to life.
  • *Marriage

    In 1883 Gandhi gets married to a woman called Kasturba. They were both aged 13 when they got married. Their marriage was an arrangement from both Gandhis and Kastruba´s parents. The image relates to this event because the man and woman are Gandhi and Kastruba in their kind of young age as a married caouple.
  • Indian National Congress

    Indian National Congress
    The Indian National Congress was founded in the year 1885. The Indian National Congress is one of the major political parties in India. The image relates to the Indian National Congress because this was a photo of the frist session they ever had.
  • *Thrown Off the Train

    *Thrown Off the Train
    Gandhi was thrown off a train in South Africa. He got thrown out because he refused to give up his first class seat to a thrid class seat when he actually did have a first class seat ticket. The image relates to this event because this is a photo of the moment when Gandhi was about to be thrown of the train into the middle of no where by a South African man.
  • *Natal Indian Congress

    *Natal Indian Congress
    Gnadhi finds out that the Natal Indian Congress is denying the Indian people the right to vote in South Africa. The NIC was an organization of men that was aimed to fight descrimination against the Indians in South Africa. This image relates to the NIC because those men were the ones that were part of the Natal Indian Congress at the time.
  • *The Beat Up

    Gandhi arrived at the Durban Harbour in South Africa. As soon as he steps land he is beaten up by a group of white settlers. Gandhi decided not to press chargers against these white settelers which won him public admiration as well as a public apology from his attackers.
  • India Muslim League

    India Muslim League
    India muslim league, a political organization of India and Pakistan was founded. This organization had the purpose to safeguard the political rights of the Muslims that were living in India... After a while there was a proposal to create a separate ˝Muslim India˝. The image connects the this event because ita photo of the actual formation of the Muslim league.
  • Asian Population Registration Act

    Asian Population Registration Act
    The Asian Population Registration act also happened in 1906. This is an act where all residents of Asian countries had to register their name, age, job, and other personal information. Asian residents also had to carry a card with their fingerprints at all times. The image connects to this event because it is a photo of an actual race classification certificate in the Asian Population Registration Act.,_1950
  • Burn Burn

    Burn Burn
    Gnadhi and many fellow Indians burned their regsitration cards as an act of protest. This image relates to this event because this is an image of a person bruning their registration card which acts as an act of protest against the complete act of having people registrate themselves.
  • Protests Made it Vanish Away

    The Asian Population Act is taken away and is no longer being implemented becasue of all the protests the people were making towards this ˝act˝.
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  • WW1 Ended

    WW1 Ended
    WW1 ended. The Indian troops came back from war, hoping that the British would keep their promise of making India a better place for them. They were treated as second-class citizens which ended up with the Indians carrying out acts of violence against the British rule. This image relates to the event because these are soldiers going back from war once it ended.
  • Armitsar Massacre

    Armitsar Massacre
    The Amritsar massacre occurred. This is where a group of Indian nationalists got together to conduct a peaceful meeting to protest against the full conscription and the heavy war tax that was being imposed on Indians. Because of these meetings the British troops created an open fire and killed most of these Indian nationalists, which then led to the salt march led by Gandhi.
  • Rowlatt Act

    Rowlatt Act
    Not only did the Armitsar massacre happen in 1919. The other major event that happened during this year was the fact that the Rowlatt act was passed by the British government. The orwlatt act gives authority to arrest people and keep them in prision if they are suspected with the act of terrorism. The image relates to this event because it is a photo of the soldiers that could arrest people if they suspected that the person was a terrorist.
  • Rejection of British Products

    Rejection of British Products
    Mahatma Gandhi tries to get people to more intensley reject British products. He does this by encouraging Indian people to start making their own clothes instead of buying British clothing. This image relates to the event because it is Gandhi making his own clothes instead of buying his clothes from the British; what he was trying to implement on the Indians.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    The Salt March was an act of disobedience from the Indian people which was led by Gandhi. The salt march was influenced by the prohibition of the creation of salt. Indians were required to buy expensive and heavily taxed salt from the British. This affected the Indians because they were poor and could not afford to buy this salt leading to their act of civil disobedience.This image relates to this event because there is Gnadhi leading the Indians towards their act of diobedience.
  • Autonomy Established for India

    In 1935 India recieved more autononomy. Meaning that India began having self-control instead of having the British goverrnment control their every move.
  • Quit India Campaign

    Quit India Campaign
    Gandhi launches the Quit India campaign, declaring India's independence from the British rule. Gandhi is then imprisoned because of this. This image relates to the event because this is Gandhi giving his ˝Quit India Campaign˝ speech on the eve of this movement campaign.
  • Fasting

    At 73 years old Gandhi starts a hunger strike also known as fasting that lasts 21 days. This is an image of Gandhi after he had fasted for a few days. This image shows that he lost a lot of weight and got very weak.
  • India is Officially Free

    India is Officially Free
    India is officially an independent nation and free of British rule. This image relates to this event because that is the British government and this event is when the Indians got their independence from the British.
  • Partition of India

    Partition of India
    Now that the Indian independence has been gained, India is divided into Pakistan and India. This image relates to the event because it shows how India got divided into India and Pakistan.
  • Gandhi Assasination

    Gandhi Assasination
    Gandhi the political and spiritual leader of the Indian independence movement is assassinated in January 30 by a Hindu nationalist. This image relates to the event because this is Gandhi´s dead body with Hidnu women keeping vigil of his body.