The Salt March and The Life of Gandhi

  • Forenote:

    I will use both the term Mohandas and Mahatma when I refer to Gandhi. Mohandas is Gandhi's given name, while Mahatma is a title, given to those who are so impactful that they are considered magical.
  • The British East India Company is Founded

    The British East India Company is Founded
    The British East India company was the first real step twards British control of India. The trading company was formed on the last day of 1600.
  • The BEIC Begins to Take Over

    The BEIC Begins to Take Over
    The BEIC (British East India Company) began to forcefully take control of India, after noticing it's importance in exporting to the colonies in North America.
  • The British Raj

    The British Raj
    The official rule of the British Raj began in 1858. The British Raj was the ruling body that was controlled by the UK from 1858 to 1947.
  • Mohandas Gandhi Is Born

    Mohandas Gandhi Is Born
    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi . is born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India.
  • The Salt Tax

    The Salt Tax
    Britain’s Salt Act of 1882 prohibited Indians from collecting or selling salt, a staple in their diet.
  • Gandhi Gets Married

    Gandhi Gets Married
    In May of 1883, 13-year old Gandhi married 13-year old Kasturba Kapadia in a marriage arranged by their parents, in the traditional Indian manner. They were married for a total of sixty-two years.
  • Gandhi Goes to England

    Gandhi Goes to England
    On September 4, 1888, Gandhi leaves for England by train, to study law.
  • Gandhi Goes to South Africa

    Gandhi Goes to South Africa
    In April of 1893, ·Gandhi accepts commission to spend a year in South Africa advising on a lawsuit. He eventually desides to stay years past his original return date.
  • Gandhi Comes Back To India

    Gandhi Comes Back To India
    In 1901 Ganhi and his family come back to India temporarily and build his farm, "The Peonix Settlement".
  • Gandhi Goes to South Africa (again)

    Gandhi Goes to South Africa (again)
    Gandhi returns to South Africa after his farm is completed and functioing.
  • The Boer Republic Transvaal

    The Boer Republic Transvaal
    The British now control the The Boer Republic Transvaal of South Africa, and they attempt to register all Indians; Gandhi and others refuse. This is one of Gandhi's first major peaceful protests.
  • Gandhi Goes to England (agian)

    Gandhi Goes to England (agian)
    ·Gandhi travels to London, pushing for rights of South African Indians. The Transvaal registration law is repealed.
  • Gandhi Comes Back To India (again)

    Gandhi Comes Back To India (again)
    Gandhi returnes to India after World War One and the transition between England (with no salt tax) and India (with a salt tax) helps to show him how much the salt tax effects the people of India.
  • More Protests

    More Protests
    Gandhi continues to lead peaceful protests in India. This includes the protest that led to the Amritsar Massacre; where British troops slaughter many Indian protesters.
  • The Letter

    The Letter
    On March 2, Gandhi wrote a letter to the British Viceroy, Lord Irwin and requested many things from the British Government, including the removal of the salt tax. If ignored, he promised to launch a peaceful prtotest march. Irwin declined and Gandhi delivered on his promise of a march later that month.
  • Gandhi Begins The Salt March

    Gandhi Begins The Salt March
    Gandhi begins the march from his house and religious retreat in Sabermanti, near Ahmedabad with about a dozen other people.
  • The Journey

    The Journey
    The constantly growing group of marchers travelled the 240 miles from Sabermanti to Dandi with Gandhi leading the way. The group stopped in many villages along the way, preaching the message of peaceful protesting.
  • Destination: Dandi

    Destination: Dandi
    Gandhi and his crowd of now over 80,000 followers reached thier destination of the Indian Costal town of Dandi. Almost all of the peaceful protestors were arested and beaten by the police.
  • Gandhi Is Arrested

    Gandhi Is Arrested
    Gandhi and thousands of others are arrested for violating the Salt Lawsin May of 1931. because of this, non-cooperation movements break out across India.
  • Gandhi Goes to England (agian) (again)

    Gandhi Goes to England (agian) (again)
    British government yields to protests, releases all prisoners, and invites Gandhi as a Congress representative to Britain for a Round Table Conference
  • The Government of Inida Act

    The Government of Inida Act
    Government of India Act passes British Parliament and is implemented in India; it is the first movement toward independence and Gandhi's presence at the Round Table Confrence in 1931 is highly influencial.
  • Freedom for India

    Freedom for India
    After nearly three decades of nationalist struggle, India finally gained Independence on August 7th, 1947. Sadly, this didn't mark the end of the country's struggles. Many of the country's religious leaders began to fight and eventualy the Indian territory split into two countries, Pakistan (which was predominantly Muslim) and India (which was predominantly Hindi)
  • Gandhi Dies

    Gandhi Dies
    Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Vinayak Godse on 30 January 1948 at a large mansion called the Birla House.
    Once he was shot, Gandhi was carried back to his room in Birla House where he died from his wounds.
  • First Blockbuster Film

    First Blockbuster Film
    The first major movie about Gandhi's life is released in 1982 by Colombia Pictures. It made over 105.8 million dollars in profits.
  • Second Blockbuster Film

    Second Blockbuster Film
    A second major film is made about Gandhi's life, specifically aout his murder. (apparently it stunk because it got a 44% on Rotten Tomatos)