Indian independence colors flag

British Rule to Indian Rule

  • The start of rebellion

    The start of rebellion
    Sepoy Mutiny= the indian soldiers rebelled... They marched to Delhi and captured it
  • Britain Rule

    Britain Rule
    Britain took DIRECT control/command of India during this time, because of the Mutiny it created racism against the British.
  • First Nationalist Group

    In this year, nationalism created a nationalist group... The Indian National Congress... They tried to concentrate on concerns of India
  • Period: to

    What both nationalist groups wanted

    Wanted to get rid of foreign rule in India... This was something that both Muslims and Hindus had in common even though they disagreed in many other things...
  • Thrown off Train

    Thrown off Train
    This day, was when Gandhi was thrown off a British train because he didn't want to move to the third-class seats... He had bought a valid ticket for first class, but since he was not white
  • Fight against equal rights

    Fight against equal rights
    Gandhi founded the Natal Indian Congress which was an organization that was fighting discrimination against Indians
  • Period: to

    Indian Help

    Gandhi Organized an Indian Ambulance Corps to provide relief to injured British soldiers... He created this to let the British know that Indians were capable/responsible persons who should have the same rights as them
  • Period: to

    Expressing thoughts on inequalities

    Gandhi edited and published the journal Indian Opinion that was used for Indians to express their thoughts on social/legal inequities
  • Division of India and Pakistan

    Division of India and Pakistan
    Partition of Bengal... British divided the province into a Hindu section and a Muslim section... This made it difficult for the Hindus and the Muslims to unite for calling independence
  • Second nationalist group

    In this year was when the second nationalist group formed... The new group was called the Muslim League... both groups were focusing only on the concerns IN india
  • Burning of evil

    Burning of evil
    Gandhi and many Indians burned their registration cards in protest. Gandhi and many others were arrested for their actions
  • Broken Promises

    Broken Promises
    This was after WW1 Indian soldiers returned home... Britain had promised reforms that could lead to self-government yet they did not accomplish this and they still treated them as second class citizens
  • Period: to

    1919 dramatic events

    Britain passes the Rowlatt Acts... these were laws that allowed the British government in India to jail anti-British protesters without trial for as long as two years... this infuriated all of the indians...
    This lead to the Amritsar Massacre in April 13, 1919--> this was when about 10 thousand Hindus and Muslims gathered in Punjab to protest the Rowlatt Acts... The soldiers killed many of the people who were there and this caused a lot of problems to the British government//
  • Period: to

    Civil Disobedience

    In this year, after the Amritsar Massacre the Congress Party supported civil disobedience--> this is intentional refusal to obey laws/demands/commands of a government (in this case Britain) this is all done in a non-violent way
  • Period: to

    Convicted Guilty

    Gandhi was arrested and taken to trial... he was guilty for charges but argued that he had only done it to show the inequalities in the society... he was sentenced to 6 years in jail but released after two years
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Gandhi and many Indians retreated to the Arabian Sea. They all went to the Sea so that they could get salt and prove to the British that they didn't need them to make resources... this was an act of civil disobedience that created a huge misbalance in Britain economy
  • Period: to

    Fasting for equality

    Again Gandhi began to fast to protest the British proposal to create a separate electorate for the untouchables
  • Period: to

    Taking a break for a while

    Gandhi stop getting involved with national politics for 7 years and used his time helping and inspiring others
  • Period: to

    Built up tension

    British Parliament passed the Government of India Act--> this provided local self-government and limited democratic elections//this was still not total independence which the Indians wanted--> This however caused tension between Muslims and Hindus because Muslims feared that Hindus would control India if it won independence
  • Period: to

    We want independence

    Gandhi starts a campaign declaring India's independence from British rule, and because of this, he is again arrested and put in jail
  • Period: to

    Hunger Strike until peace

    Gandhi starts a hunger strike that lasts 21 days in order to stop the riots going between the citizens... he said he was not going to eat until they all stopped fighting
  • Period: to

    Independence and death

    • India became independent in August 15, 1947 1948- Gandhi was shot and killed on January 30 by a Hindu extremist who thought he was being too protective of Muslims
  • Partition

    On July 16, 1947 the British House of Commons passed an act that granted two nations (Pakistan and India) independence in one month's time
  • Switching sides

    Switching sides
    India-Pakistan Border (in August 1947) after independence and partition citizens start moving and switching sides... Muslims are on one side while Hindus are in another side--> Partition: a division into parts