Miriam's Christmas 2012

  • Flight to America

    On Thursday I flew from London to BWI airport and I stayed with my uncle and autie.
  • Period: to

    Miriam's Christmas

  • Arrive at Captiva Island Florida

    We flew from BWI to Orlando. We rented a car and drove to Captiva Island Florida.
  • Explore the island

    I stayed with my Grandma and my cousins and went to marina and we saw some manatees and walked aroud.
  • Christmas eve

    I went to chapel by the sea with my whole family for Christmas eve service.
  • Christmas day

    On Christmas morning we opened presents then we went down the beach and after that we had a nice Christmas dinner.
  • New Years Eve

    On New Years Eve we had a party at the pool it was a cookout . Then we had a bonfire on the beach.
  • New Year's Day

    We drove back to Orlando and saw Bubbe and my other cousins.
  • Universal Studios

    I went to Universal Studios with my family. We went on a spider man ride. It took about 2 hours in line.
  • Flight to London

    We drove to airport to fly back to London.