Middle Ages Timeline

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  • 476

    The Middle Ages Begins After the Western Roman Empire Falls

    The Middle Ages is considered to have begun after the Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus was defeated by the leader of multiple tribes in Italy.
  • 542

    The Bubonic Plague Spreads to Most Settlements of the Mediterranean Basin

    A deadly and widespread plague spreads to numerous urban settlements wiping out large amounts of people in the Mediterranean Basin.
  • 570

    Prophet Mohammed is Born

    The prophet Mohammed is born and later begins the religion of Islam which became a major religion during the Middle Ages and created numerous religious conflicts within Europe. Islam is now a very major religion today in the Middle East. There is also still continuing conflict between the Christian religion and Islam along with wars raging because of Islamic extremism which has become increasingly popular in recent times.
  • 622

    Prophet Mohammed Begins His Long Journey from Mecca to Medina

    The Prophet Mohammed begins a long journey between Mecca and Medina. This event now marks the start of the Islamic calendar.
  • 631

    Prophet Mohammed Dies

    The Prophet Mohammed dies after many days of fever, pain and weakness. He died at the age of 62/63.
  • 835

    Northern Europe is Invaded by the Vikings

    The vikings from the Scandinavian Islands begin to attack in an attempt to take over parts of Northern Europe.
  • 896

    Alfred the Great Defeats and Sends Back the Vikings from England

    The long and grueling war between the Vikings and the English was finished in 896 when Alfred the Great's army finally defeated the Vikings after the vikings realised they had been outsmarted by the English.
  • 989

    Peace and Truce Movement Formed

    The peace and truce movement is constructed by the Catholic church which was the first movement of it's kind in Medieval Europe to control society by non-violent methods.
  • 1016

    The English receive a Danish King in the Form of Canute the Great

    The Danish noble Canute (Cnut) the Great takes over the throne from the previous king of England after it was overthrown by the Danes.
  • Period:

    The Medieval Warm Period

    This is the period of time that was named the Medieval Warm Period which was a timespan during the Medieval times in which the average temperature was higher than usual around the Northern Atlantic region.
  • Period:

    The Hundred Years War

    England and France begin a war between each other to try to win general supremacy over Europe and to rule the kingdom of France. The war included 3 sub-war eras which were the Edwardian War, the Caroline War and the Lancastrian War. The war lasts for 116 years
  • Period:

    The Black Death Occurs

    One of the most deadly and widespread epidemics ever occurred meaning the deaths of 40-50 percent of Europe's population in 3 years.
  • Period:

    The Period of Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc was a Roman Catholic saint who played a big role during the Hundred Year War. She worked for the French military and helped to keep France from English domination through the guidance of God. She helped in numerous sieges and other events in the war but was captured by a group of French nobles who were allied with the English. On the 30th of May 1431 she was burned at the stake after being declared guilty on multiple charges. She was only 19 years of age when she was executed.