Middle Ages Timeline

  • 476

    Fall of Rome

    Due to Rome getting bigger, they began loosing land.Rome finally fell in 476.
  • Jan 1, 622

    Founding of Islam

  • Jan 1, 700

    Gunpowder was invented

    In the 80th century, gun powder was made by China's Tang Dynasty.
  • Jan 1, 722

    Saxon Wars

    Charlemagne set military campaigns against the Germanic tribes. He also was trying to convert them to christianity. In 804, a total of eighteen battles were fought after the rebelion was crushed.
  • Oct 14, 1066

    Battle of Hastings

    In the Norman Conquest of England, the Battle of Hastings took place.The Normans won the battle after King Harold 2 was killed in this battle.
  • Nov 27, 1095

    The Crusades

    The christians are trying to regain their Holy Land from the muslims, who took the land between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean during the conquest of Levant. The first crusade came from Pope Urban 2 in 1095 and ended in 1099.
  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    King John signed the Magna Carta document that limited his power over civilians, ensured personal liberty, and secured the rights of individuals.
  • Apr 15, 1347

    The Black Death

    The Black Death was a plauge that killed a large amount of people in Europe. The plauge was brought over by ships. Flea infested rats that were aboard the ship carried the disease and spread it throughout the land. The plauge eventually ended around the 1350's.
  • Death of Charlemagne

    A year before he died, he named his only remaining son king.
  • Byzantine Arab Wars

    This was a series of wars fought between the Arabian Caliphs and the Byzantine Empire. In result to these wars, the Arab were able to expand their territory. One of the first conflicts began in 629 - 718 but they didnt stop here.