MIddle Ages Chapter 14

By sbaur
  • Feb 22, 1016


    Canute was the Danish king, who conquered England, molding Anglo- Saxons and Vickings into one people.
  • Period: Jul 16, 1154 to May 13, 1189

    Henery rules England

    Henery ruled England during this time while ruling he strengthened the royal courts of justice by sending royal judges to every part of England at least once a year.
  • Period: May 13, 1180 to May 13, 1223

    Philip Augustus ruled

    Philip Augustus ruled France at this time he set out to weaken the English Kings in France.
  • Period: Aug 2, 1199 to Feb 27, 1216

    John ruled England

    John ruled England at this time.He was a very bad leader because he was cruel to subjects and always tried to take their money.
  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    John's nobles revolted, and they forced him to agree to the most clebrated document in English history, the Magna Carta. This document guarenteed certain basic political rights.
  • Period: Aug 2, 1226 to Dec 15, 1270

    Louis IX ruled

    Louis IX ruled at this time he was known as the ideal king. He made a French appeals court, which could overturn the decisions of local courts.
  • Period: May 13, 1285 to May 13, 1314

    Philip IV ruled

    Philip IV ruled during this time. While ruling he had a qurrael with the pope because the pope refused to allow preists to pay taxes to the king.
  • Nov 1, 1295

    Model Parliment

    Edaward made knights, burgesses, bishops, and lords from every country meet together in London to serve as a parliment. This was called the Model Parliment
  • Period: to

    Alfred the Great

    Alfred the Great ruled as the Anglo Saxon king. He mangaed to turn back the Vicking invaders.
  • Period: to May 13, 1453