middle Ages

By mwee
  • 476

    The beginning of the Middle Ages

    The Western Roman Empire was perished.
  • Period: 790 to 1066

    The Viking era

    The Vikings had a profound influence on the course of European history, especially in England and France.
  • 800

    Charlemagne was crowned

    It marked the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire
  • 1066

    The Norman conquest

    The Norman reign marked the beginning of the Middle Ages in England.
  • Period: 1096 to 1291

    The Crusades

    Significant religious military operations.The war affected the whole Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Period: 1337 to 1453

    The Hundred Years' War

    It was a long struggle between England and France over succession to the French throne.
  • Period: 1347 to 1353

    The plague

    It caused 1/3 oral deaths in Europe at the time,also advancing the development of science and prompting the collapse of the Catholic Church's autocratic status.
  • Period: 1400 to


    It is regarded as the demarcation between medieval times and modern times, and its core spirit is humanism spirit.
  • 1453

    The demise of the Byzantine Empire

    It is generally considered as a sign representative end of Middle Ages.
  • Thirty Years' War(started)

    The German economy had gone backwards for nearly 200 years, as if it were back in the feudal era of serfdom.