Middle age timeline

  • Period: 400 to Oct 26, 1500

    Mid Ages

  • 476

    western roman empire ends

    the west roman empire collapse into little tribes
  • Oct 24, 711

    moors start raiding spain

    spain is raided with moors
  • Oct 24, 1066

    William of Normandy wins Battle of Hastings and becomes King of England.

    William of Normandy wins the throne to England after winning battle of Hastings
  • Oct 24, 1096

    Crusades start

    Crusades started across europe
  • Oct 24, 1100

    Small town started springing up over Europe

    little towns springed over parts of Europe
  • Oct 24, 1192

    Minamoto Yoritomo becomes the first shogun of Japan.

    Yorotimo was the first shogun of Japan.
  • Oct 24, 1215

    King John of England signs the Magna Carta.

    magna carta was signed by the new king of england
  • Oct 24, 1275

    First meeting held in England of a parliament.

    first meeting was held in England of a parliament
  • Oct 24, 1291

    Crusades end.

    crusades ended after many years of war
  • Oct 26, 1347

    lack death cam eto Europe

    Black Death came to Europe
  • Oct 26, 1381

    Wat Tyler leads revolt to freedom on landowners

  • Oct 26, 1429

    Joan of Arc drives out the English from Orleans.

  • Oct 26, 1453

    100 Years’ War ends.

  • Oct 26, 1485

    Henry VII became king of england

  • vikings raidied Europe

    many viking tribes invades parts of Europe