Medieval Europe Timeline

  • 525

    'Anno Domini' calendar is invented

    this became the most widely used calendar in the Middle Ages. although it was disproven soon after creation as Jesus was proven to be born much earlier than 1 AD.
  • 919

    The first use of gunpowder

    Gunpowder was first used as a flamethrower in warfare, it would soon become the dawn of new technology in warfare.
  • 1098

    The first Crusade

    The first crusade was launched by Pope Urban II in a successful attempt to reclaim the holy land from the Turks. This was the first battle of a series of wars that would soon follow.
  • 1215

    Magna Carta

    A contract made by the Pope, between King John of England and his unhappy and rebellious barons. this was the beginning of the legal limits on power.
  • 1347

    The Black Death

    One of the largest pandemics in history. It killed almost anyone who caught it, and the death toll was approximately 200 million.