Medieval Europe

  • 400

    Franks Emerged the Strongest Germanic Group

    The Franks, who settles in what is now called France and the Western part of Germany, emerged as the strongest Germanic group. Their early rulers, which were then known as "Merovingian Kings" for the ruler Merowig, held power until the early years of AD 700's
  • 481

    Clovis Becomes a King

    In the early year of AD 481 a brutal, wily warrior named Clovis was annointed as the King of the Franks. About fifteen years later, Clovis became the first Germanic Ruler to accept Catholicism. His military victories and his religous conversion gave his throne much stability.
  • 529

    Benedict Introduces Rule For Manastires

    A Roman official names Benedict founded a manastery at Monte Carlo in Italy. It became a model for monks in other communities. He soon wrote a list of rules that provided manual work, prayer, and meditation. The monks were not aloud to own goods, could never marry, & were demanded to obey laws.
  • Nov 9, 650

    Irish Missionaries Win Converts in Western Europe

    Manasteries in Ireand sent missionaries throughout the area of Northern Atlantic and Western Europe. The missionaries won many converts even though the Irish were isolated from the pope. Most of the people of Western Europe eventually became Catholics
  • Nov 9, 750

    Charles Martel Grants Warriors Landed Estates With Peasants

    To support the calvary, Martel started to grant warriors feifs(estates) with peasants. The Frankish king later enlarged this stystem by giving the feifs to local officials and counts.
  • Nov 9, 752

    Pepin the Short Becomes King of The Franks

    With the backing of church officials and nobles, Pepin the Short, who was the son of Charles Martel, became the king of the Franks. The king annointed Pepin by putting holy oil on him, making him a divenely chosen ruler in the eyes of the people. In return for the church's blessing, Pepin was greatly expected to help the Pope defend against his enemies
  • Dec 28, 886

    Alfred the Great United Kingdoms and Defeated the Danes

    King Alfred of Wessex, better known as Alfred the Great, united the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon and defeated the Danes in AD 886. His united kingdom later became known as "Angleland", or England
  • Dec 28, 900

    Poland Accepts Roman Catholicism and Closed Europe Ties

    Formed by the Western Slavs in this time, Poland accepted Roman Catholicism and also closed ties they had with Western Europe.
  • Dec 28, 1000

    The Seljuk Turks Take Jerusalem

    In the late 1000's the Seljuk Turks, which was a Muslim group of people from central Asia, took over Jerusalem. This conquest left Palestine in chaos, and the hazards of pilgrimage increased
  • Dec 28, 1073

    The Beginning of Pope Gregory VII

    The cardinals elected a monks names Hildebrand as a Pope Gregory VII. He criticized the practice of lay investiture to bishops that rulers appointed and he believed that the pope should have complete jurisdiction over every church official