Medicine timeline

By JThing
  • James Lind cures scurvy.

    James Lind cures scurvy.
    James Lind discovers that citrus prevents scury.
  • Vaccination of smallpox is discovered

    Vaccination of smallpox is discovered
    Edward Jenner discovers a smallpox vaccination.
  • Anaesthetic was first used

    Anaesthetic was first used
    The first painless surgery was performed due to anaesthetic.
  • Cholera

    The first vaccine for cholera was used. This vaccine save lives mainly on the African continent.
  • Asprin

    Asprin was invented in Germany by Felix Hoffmann.
  • Alztheimers Disease

    Alztheimers Disease
    Alois Alztheimer discovers the first case and it is later named Alztheimer's Disease
  • Penicillin

    Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin before World War 2 and is used to save many soldiers' lives on D-Day.
  • Polio

    Jonas Salk uses the first polio vaccine.
  • Measles

    A vaccine was discovered for measles. Measles once killed many people.
  • Face transplant

    Face transplant
    The first face translpant was performed in the world on a man that was injured in a shooting accident. The operatioin was performed by 30 Spanish doctors.