Medicine through the 19th Century

  • 300

    300 BC

    Diocles wrote the first known anatomy book
  • 460

    460 BC

    Birth of Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine begins the scientific study of medicine and prescribes a form of aspirin
  • Jan 1, 1489


    Leonardo da Vinci dissects corpses
  • Nov 1, 1543

    First Anatomy Book

    Vesalius publishes findings on human anatomy in De Fabrica Corporis Humani
  • Heart and Blood

    William Harvey publishes An Anatomical Study of the Motion of the Heart and of the Blood in Animals which forms the basis for future research on blood vessels, arteries and the heart
  • First Inoculation

    Giacomo Pylarini gives the first smallpox inoculations
  • First Successful Surgery

    Claudius Aymand performs the first successful appendectomy
  • First Vaccination

    Edward Jenner develops the process of vaccination for smallpox, the first vaccine for any disease
  • First Woman Doctor

    Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to gain a medical degree from Geneva Medical College in New York
  • Discovery of Germs

    Louis Pasteur identifies germs as cause of disease
  • Invention of XRays

    Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovers X rays
  • Aspirin

    Felix Hoffman develops aspirin
  • First Physician

    Birth of Galen. Greek physician to gladiators and Roman emperors