Medicine of the modern age by Selina

  • Life expectancy

    Life expectancy
    Average life expectancy is 47.3 is the United States
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    Medicine of the modern age

  • Cocaine ban

    Cocaine ban
    Georgia becomes the first state to completely ban all forms of cocaine (pictured) use, in this year
  • Medical Research

    Medical Research
    Pennsylvania's School of Medicine (pictured) establishes the first medical research chair in America
  • Band-Aid

    The Band-Aid is invented by Earle Dickson (pictured) in this year. The Band-Aid was the first easy to use, sterile adhesive.
  • Tetanus Vaccine

    Tetanus Vaccine
    First Tetanus vaccine (pictured) was proven to be a success during WW2, but was first produced in 1930. The use of this vaccine has reduced cases of tetanus by 93%
  • Electroconvulsive therapy

    Electroconvulsive therapy
    General belief is that psychiatric disorders, such as Schizophrenia, were antagonistic disorders, this led to Ladislas J. Meduna (pictured) treating patients with these disorders with moderate electric shocks. It is still used today for patients with severe depression, mania or catatonia.
  • LSD synthesized

    LSD synthesized
    Albert Hofmann (pictured) synthesized LSD today, five years later he discovered its psychedelic properties.
  • Blood Bank invention

    Blood Bank invention
    Dr. Charles Richard Drew (pictured) is credited with the invention of the blood bank in this year.
  • Dialyzer is first used successfully

    Dialyzer is first used successfully
    A 67 year old woman is the first ever patient to successfully receive kidney dialysis, from Dutch physician, Dr. Willem Kolff (pictured).
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  • First human kidney transplant

    First human kidney transplant
    Performed on a 44-year old woman, Ruth Tucker (pictured), in Illinois.
  • Polio Vaccine

    Polio Vaccine
    Polio vaccine is released to the public in this year, after being invented 8 years previously by Jonas Salk (pictured).
  • First pacemaker patient

    First pacemaker patient
    The world's first permanent, fully implantable pacemaker (pictured) was implanted into a man in Sweden in this year. The device did, however, fail after three hours.
  • Liver transplantation

    Liver transplantation
    First successful human liver transplant occurs in this year, with a team led by Dr. Thomas Starzl (pictured) in the United States.
  • First heart transplant

    First heart transplant
    First heart transplant performed on an adult patient. The patient Louis Washkansky (pictured) received the surgery in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • First pediatric heart transplant

    First pediatric heart transplant
    This surgery was the first heart transplant performed in the United States (Brooklyn, New York). This was performed by Adrian Kantrowitz (pictured)
  • Rubella Vaccine

    Rubella Vaccine
    First rubella vaccine. This was combined with a vaccine for the measles and mumps, which is known as MMR (pictured).
  • Global eradication of Smallpox

    Global eradication of Smallpox
    The only disease to ever be completely wiped out by human efforts, confirmed on this day.
  • Epipen is made public

    Epipen is made public
    Patented in 1977 by Shel Kaplan, then made public in this year.
  • Clinical observation of AIDS

    Clinical observation of AIDS
    In the United States, in this year, AIDS is observed clinically for the first time.
  • Artificial heart

    Artificial heart
    American doctor, Robert Jarvik (pictured), is the first to create a permanent artificial heart in this year.
  • Pneeumonia vaccine

    Pneeumonia vaccine
    World's first vaccine (pictured) against pneumonia is released.
  • Alcohol susceptibility

    Alcohol susceptibility
    Dr. Charles S. Lieber (pictured) releases a report stating that women are more susceptable to alcohol intoxication than men.
  • Chickenpox vaccine

    Chickenpox vaccine
    Chickenpox vaccine (pictured) introduced in the US in this year.
  • Life expectancy

    Life expectancy
    New life expectancy is 77.85 in the United States.