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Medicine Inventions Over Time

  • Rabie Vaccine

    Rabie Vaccine
    medicine Inentions on the 1900 Invented by Louis Pasteur. The vaccine prevents humans from getting sick after bing bit by an animal with rabies.
  • Aspirin; First Pain Reliever

    Aspirin; First Pain Reliever
    History of AspirinHelped relieve pain. It was invented by Felix Hoffman.
  • Peroxide Antiseptics

    Peroxide Antiseptics
    Peroxide AntisepticsIt helps keep cuts or sores from infection.
    Antiseptics are agents that destroy or inhibit the growth and development of microorganisms in or on living tissue.
  • Flu Vaccine

    Flu Vaccine
    Flu VaccineHelps reduce the risk of getting the flu.
  • Chemotherapy

    ChemotherapyHelps get rid of cancer. Chemotherapy is the treatment of disease using cell-killing chemicals. Surgery and radiation are often part of chemotherapy, as they kill or damage cancer cells in a certain location of the body. The entire process of chemotherapy, however, works throughout the whole body to kill cancer cells that may have spread from the primary tumor, or to kill the primary tumor itself.
  • Cardiac Pacemaker

    Cardiac Pacemaker
    <a href='' >Pacemaker Information</> Helps keep the heart beating at a regular pace. Canadian, John Hopps invented the first cardiac pacemaker. Hopps was trained as an electrical engineer at the University of Manitoba and joined the National Research Council in 1941, where he conducted research on hypothermia.
  • Inhalers

    InhalersIt helps people with asthma breathe better. The purpose of the inhaler is to get the prescribed medicine into the bronchial tubes and into the lungs so it can work effectively.
  • First Anti Depressent

    First Anti Depressent
    About Depression Helps control thouughts or actions about suicidal activity. It also helps people with mental issues that could effect in getting a disease.
  • Time Release Pill Capsules

    Time Release Pill Capsules
    Time Release PillsThe pill did not dissolve until it was past the mouth and then the pill released it's medicine. The harder the coating of the pill, the longer the medicine takes to dissolve in the body.
  • Zyrtec

    Information on ZyrtecIt helps with allergies. Zyrtec is also used to treat itching and swelling caused by chronic urticaria (hives).
  • Bionic Knee That Helps You Run Faster

    Bionic Knee That Helps You Run Faster
    Fast Running Bionic KneeThe motorized knee was developed by engineers at the Tsukuba University in Japan. This invention can be attached to the knee and help a person run faster while using less muscle power. Although the device could be used to help people with some physical disabilities, the researchers did not provide any information on the knee's medical purposes. At the same time the motorized knee does not increase muscle power.