Medical Investigation

  • 200

    Galen; tracheotomy

    Barber- surgeons cut hair, preform surgery; barber pole symbol popularized
  • Period: 200 to

    Medical Investigations

  • Jan 8, 1300

    Islamic hospitals; health care for the sick

    Christian monasteries founded to treat the ill
  • Sep 10, 1400

    Frenchwoman Jacoba Felicie tries to practice medicine but is denied

    Christian monasteries founded to treat the ill
  • Use of scientific method begins

    Human anatomical studoies aloowed
  • Robert Hooke- reflective microscope

    Printing press allows for publication of discoveries
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek describes bacteria

  • Francis Bacon uses microscope to discover plauge fleas

  • Edward Jenner discovered 1st vaccination

    Discovery of blood cells, bacteria, protozoa, and stethoscope
  • Louis Pasteur (microbiology) pasterurizarion of milk

  • Joseph Lister practice of medical asepsis

  • Robert Koch discovery of pathogens

  • Ignaz Semmelweis shows importance of hard washing

  • John Snow stops outbreak of cholera

  • Louis Pasteur (microbiology) pasteruization of milk

  • Marie Curie discovers science of radioactivity

  • Bubonic plague hits San Fransisco

  • Marie Curie discoveres science of radioactivity

  • Bubonic plaque hirs San Fransisco

  • Robert Koch discovery of pathogens

  • Joseph Lister practice of medical asepsis

  • Alexandre Felming discovers penicillin

  • First HMO insurance

  • ALexander Fleming discovers penicillin

  • Salk discovers first polio vaccine

  • First HMO insurance

  • Mangaed in helath care; growth in uninsured

  • WHO declares smallpox eradicated

  • AZT is used to combat AIDS

  • Managed health care; growth in uninsured

  • Steve Thomas used sterile maggots for infectious wound treatment

  • Gardasil, a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer approved by the FDA


    Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act provides incentives for practicioners who use electronic health records and e-prescribing
  • The first FDA approved implant

    First FDA approved inplanted ABioCor artifical heart placed in patitent on June 24, Patient died on August 23
  • Rhazez dicoveres difference between smallpox and measels

    Medical care becomes regulated