Medical Innovation

  • vitamins

    Fact MonsterIt was created by Sir Fredrick Gowland Hopkins who suggested the existence o f vitamins and concluded that they are essential to health.
  • Penicillin

    About.comPenicillin was invented by Alexander Fleming, it was invented on accident in England.
  • Blood Bank

    Blood Bank
    factmonster.comBernard Fantus started the first blood bank at Cook County hospital in Chicago.
  • Open Heart Surgery

    Open Heart Surgery C. Walton Lillehei did the first open heart surgery on a 5-year-old girl.
  • Ruebella vaccine

    Ruebella vaccine
    churchcitylibraries.comPaul D. Parkham and Harry M. Meyer Jr. invented it.
  • Chicken Pox Vaccine

    Chicken Pox Vaccine
    factmonster.comThe first chicken pox vaccine was invented in 1974 by Michiaki Takahashi.
  • Vaccinefor Hepatitus B

    Vaccinefor Hepatitus B
    factmonsterThe first vccine for hepatitus B was invented by Pablo DT Valenguela.
  • First Vaccine for Hepititis A

    First Vaccine for Hepititis A
    factmonsterThe first vaccine for hepititis A was invented by Maurice Hilleman.
  • World's first face transplant

    World's first face transplant
    about.comDone in France the world's first face transplant was done to restore a womens face after she was mauled by her dog.
  • Human Skin Cells and Stem Cells

    Human Skin Cells and Stem Cells
    factmonsterScientists discover how to use human skin cells to create embrionic stem cells.