Medical History

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  • 200

    MA, barbers

    Barbers were also the surgeons. The people that cut your hair are the people that did your surgerys.
  • 200

    MA, galen

    Galen; tracheotomy
  • Sep 8, 900


    They discovered a difference between smallpox and measles. Smallpox is like chicken pox and the measles are harder to get rid of.
  • Sep 9, 1000

    regulated care

    Medical care becomes regulated
  • Sep 11, 1300

    MA, islamic

    Islamic hospitals; health care for the sick.
  • Sep 11, 1300

    MA, trest the ill

    Christian monasteries founded to treat the ill.
  • Sep 11, 1400

    MA, frenchwomen

    Frenchwomen Jacoba Felicie tries to practice medicine but is denied. Women were not allowed to do anything with mdicine, people thought their plce was in the kitchen.
  • Sep 11, 1500

    R, studies allowed

    Human anatomical studies allowed.
  • R, scientific method

    Use of scientific method begins, this was easier to do alot of tasks.
  • R, printing press

    Printing press allows for publication of discoveries. Makes it easier for doctors.
  • R, robert hooke

    Robert Hooke- reflective microscope
  • R, Antonie Van Leeuwe

    Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek describes bacteria. He helped people understand what bacteria was.
  • R, Francis

    Francis Baron uses microscope to discover plague fleas. The micrscope helped dicover more things.
  • human life

    DIscovery of blood cells, bacteria, protozoa, and stethoscope.
  • IR, edward jenner

    Edward Jenner discovered 1st vaccination
  • IR, louis pasteur

    Louis Pasteur (microbiology) pasteurization of milk
  • IR, ignaz semmelwis

    Ignaz Semmelwis shows importance of washing hands.
  • IR, john snow

    John Snow stops outbreak of Cholera
  • organ transplants

    Discovey of organ transplants, x-rays, redium for cancer treatment, MRI, and cat scans. All of these discoveries help in some way.
  • IR, marie curie

    Marie Curie discovers science of radioactivity.
  • IR

    Bubonic plague hits San Fransico
  • HMO

    First HMO insurance
  • polio vacine

    Salk discovers polio vacine. The vacine helps people that has polio.
  • managing health

    Managed health care; growth in unisured.
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    Medical history