Me, The Protagonist Of My Story.

By Zoie 16
  • +5 When I was born.

    +5 When I was born.
    When I was born my family was extremely happy, I also yelled a lot when I was a baby.
  • +4 First birthday.

    +4 First birthday.
    My first birthday was amazing because my friends and family were there. I don't remember a lot but I saw pictures.
  • -5 When my dog died.

    -5 When my dog died.
    The Death Of My Dog…
    I was sad when my dog died because she has been with me since I was born. And she was the oldest dog.
  • +5 Best Sister's birthday party.

    +5 Best Sister's birthday party.
    In 2015 my family celebrated my sister's birthday and it was fun, I also remember me and my sister playing tag with friends.
    Best Birthday Party ever!
  • +3 Math challenge.

    +3 Math challenge.
    When I was in grade 3 there was this math challenge in my school and it was pretty easy and also fun and this probably had to be my favourite challenge in school.
  • +4 Field Trip to Telus World of Science.

    +4 Field Trip to Telus World of Science.
    I went here when I was in grade 5, me and my class, it was very fun and learned a lot, my favorite thing about this was the tesla coil things.
  • +5 Family vacation to Philippines.

    +5 Family vacation to Philippines.
    When me and my family went to the Philippines to see their relatives and my relatives ti was very fun.
  • +5 Christmas of 2019.

    +5 Christmas of 2019.
    Best Christmas!
    I went to the Philippines with my family to see relatives and it was very fun.
    Also celebrated my Grandma's birthday.
  • +4 12th Birthday

    +4 12th Birthday
    Birthdays are also pretty cool and fun so it is important. And birthdays are also very important because it was when you were born.
  • +4 Vacation

    +4 Vacation
    When I went to a vacation this summer it was very fun and I loved it.