Maria's timeline

  • Period: to


  • First day of Head Starte

    My teacher Ms. Moreno
  • My dad left the family

    I was afected a lot when he left because I was attached to him. But as I grew up it didnt affected as much because I discoverd a monster I never new. Anger grew and I know its not good but I cant help feeling like this.
  • Won say no to drug awad

    I was in second grade and when my teacher told me I had won I couldnt belive it. I was really excited
  • My brother was born

    I love my brother a lot. I actualy took care of him throughout his growth till now. He sees me as his mom eventhough I am his sister because I took care of him every single day.
  • Enjoyed my last year with my friends

    Because everyone was going different places we tried tomake it the funest year
  • My mom got really ill

    My mom was so sick that she wasnt their anymore in the image. She fell into depretion.
  • My friend Jasmine died

    I was bearly getting to know her
  • Meet someone special

    My boyfriend is the person that i meet. I knew him for almost 2 years before we desided to get together. He is like my friend someone I can talk to when I need to. He supports me in many ways and I as well.
  • Drama play

  • Senior year

    The feeling that this year i decide my future.As in what college to go and were i will be in life.