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Louis Pasteur's Life

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    Louis Pasteur's Life

    A timespand about Louis Pasteur by: Leah Peacock
  • Tartaric Acid

    Tartaric Acid
    Louis Pasteur resolved the nature of Tartaric Acid.
  • Married!

    Louis Pasteur was married to Marie Laurent, the doughter of the rector of the Strasbourg Univercity, where he worked at that time.
  • Dean of New Faculty

    Dean of New Faculty
    Louis was named Dean of the new Faculty of Sciences in Lille
  • Rotting Food

    Rotting Food
    Louis Pasteur discovered that food rotted because ubiquitous "organized corpuscles" in the air quickly colonized any organic matter that was not sealed off.
  • The Invention Of Pasteruation

    The Invention Of Pasteruation
    Louis Pasteur and his friend Claude Bernard invented the common steps to pasterize dairy.It saved many lives.
  • Pebrine

    Pasteur proves that Pebrine was not only contagious but also hereditary from moth eggs. He alo concluded that in diseased and living eggs was the cause of the disease, therefore the section of the disease-free part of the egg was the solution to the disease.
  • Brain Stroke

    Brain Stroke
    Louis Pasteur had a brain stroke that partially paralyzed him, but did not stop him from his work.
  • Anthrax Vaccine

    Anthrax Vaccine
    Louis Pasteur had sucessfully created the vaccine for the disease, Anthrax.
  • Rabies First Vaccine

    Rabies First Vaccine
    Louis first injected the vaccine when a boy was attacked by his dog. July 6th (1885)
  • The Leeuwenhoek Medal

    The Leeuwenhoek Medal
    In 1895 Louis Pasteur was awarded the Leeuwenhoek Medal, microbiology's highest Duch honor in Arts and sciences.
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    Lpuis Pasture's Achievments over Time

  • Cholera

    He helped with understanding cholera and allowed the building of the Panama canal.
  • Pasterization

    Milk was saved because of pasterization on the farms
  • Rabies Shot

    Rabies Shot
    Because of Louis Pasteur, your pet can go get a rabies shot at the vet.
  • Polio

    Louis Pasteur worked on immunization and allows getting rid of diseases like Polio
  • Germs

    The hospitals can identify the types of germs that are killing you