Lifetime Personal Health

Timeline created by india logan
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    My 20s

    I will be eating a healthy diet so I will not be at risk for chronic illnesses later in life, like heart disease. Exercising regularly and cutting out any fast food would help me in those aspects. Nutrients I should be aware of and make sure I receive are protein, calcium, potassium, healthy omega-3 fats, and folic acid. Protect skin and eyes from UV damage. I should get medical check-ups every 2 years, as well as a gynecological exam, clinical breast exam and Pap test.
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    My 30s

    My metabolism will slow down in this age range so I should be aware of my weight and what I eat and do. It is recommended that I complete a 30 or 60 min workout each day to keep my body healthy. Like in my 20s, a healthy diet and nutrients are important. Reduce stress and receive the proper amount of sleep. I should focus on building muscle because my body will start to replace muscle with fat. Continue all medical recommendations​ from my 20s and keep protecting skin.
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    My 40s

    My 40s will be an important decade for preventing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancers. I will face issues such as chronic pain and will have to notify my doctor if any big changes occur. My bone mass will decrease in this decade so I will have to watch this as well as keep track of my blood pressures. My medical check-ups should be every 2 to 3 years or yearly depending on my family history.
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    My 50s

    Even though I have kept track of my diet and exercise my body will still go through a lot of changes. I will need to cut back on sodium and limit foods that are high in unhealthy fat. I should focus on building a healthy relationship with my healthcare provider and talk with them about my family history and how often I should come in for screenings or check-ups. I will still have to exercise for 30 or 60 minutes a day and reduce anxiety by getting enough sleep.
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    My 60s

    My 60s will cause an increased risk of diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some cancers. However, I can combat these issues by talking to my healthcare provider regularly and study up on the warning signs. Heart attacks are common in my family so I should understand the warning signs and know it is common for women to get heart attacks 10 years after menopause. Continue a healthy diet and try less straining exercises.