Life without electricity

  • Wake up

    Wake up
    Everyone would wake up very early to use every bit of daylight we have. I would wake up around 5 and light a match to light some sort of lantern to direct me around my home. I would shower and get ready for the day but it would be extremely different, I wouldn’t get to use any heat on my hair and have a hard time picking out clothes in the dark.
  • Time to eat

    Time to eat
    Food would be a lot different than it is now. We would have to hunt or grow most of our food and would not be able to keep it for long because there is very limited ways to store food. We would have to heat things up with a fire and keep things cool with any ice we can get. We would probably be eating a lot of fermented vegetables.
  • Communication

    It would be very difficult to talk and communicate with other people. We would have to make most if not all of our plans when we physically see each other. We would have no cell phones and would have to write letters to each other.
  • Transportation

    We would have any cars or trains, we would either walk to get around or use horse and buggy. Traveling somewhere far would take an extreme amount of time and going to another country would have to be by boat. I would wake up and get ready then most likely walk to school everyday.
  • Daily appliances

    Daily appliances
    We would not have a lot of the commodities we have today, like a dishwasher, refrigerator, washing or drying machine, or a microwave. We would have to use river or well water for everything, and have to do everything manually. No microwaves or regular ovens, we would have to use fires to cook our food and hang up our clothes to dry.
  • Coming home

    Coming home
    I would make it home before dark to help get things in order before night. I would help make dinner for the family on either a gas stove or on a fire outside. We would also need to have a fire place in our home and start it depending on the time of year to keep us warm throughout the night.
  • Just for fun

    Just for fun
    What we would do for fun would change drastically if there was no electricity. We would have no phones or video games or tv. We would go outside and socialize and make up games and be active. I think no electricity would definitely benefit humans in this aspect because we do not get a lot of physical activity.
  • Personal hygiene

    Personal hygiene
    We would definitely have different lifestyles when it comes to personal hygiene. We would need to get water to wash with and we would not have blow dryers, curling irons, or hair straighteners. We wouldn’t have a lot of the commodities we have today.