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In Film
  • Bingo. Activity of vocabulari

    We have learn the vocabulary while playing Bingo 09/17/19
  • Classroom Lenguage

    Sentences to communicate during the classroom
  • TO BE

    Structure of the To Be
  • Mini Project

    A short writing about ourselves
  • Structure like +verb -ing

    Sentences of the verb like +verb -ing
  • Reading comprehension

    We made an understanding to check our English level
  • Gramar Quest

    We did some activities with the present simple, to prepare for the exam
  • Culture Quiz

    We did activities to improve the structure in English
  • Learning to Learn

    We made a text about us, what we like and what we don't like
  • Progress Check 1

    In this paper we learned the vocabulary for the exam
  • Exam Practice

    Now yes it was the last role for the exam
  • Sentences

    we practise the three types of sentences
  • Review the Unit 1

    we review the vocabulary of the unit 1