L. Rinderknecht's Life So Far

  • Birthday - Born

    I was born on October 31st, 1996. It was halloween day and my mom had me. They didn't know what to call me so in the hospital the nurses called me pumpkin. Thanks to: Ceejayoz
  • 9-11 Terrorist Attack

    In Semptember of 2011, Osama Bin Laden set up a plan. He took over airplanes and headed for some target buildings. Twin Tower, the Pentagon, and another. Twin Towers were our world's trade center. Some died and many killed. Many Cries. Thanks to: Slagheap on Flickr
  • The Oil Spill

    In November of 2007, there was a huge oil spill. The clean up had to be had for many. This effected the WHOLE country. The gas prices ROSE. From KCRG-News, gas prices are estimated around $5.00 this summer in 2011. Thanks to: NOAA's National Ocean Service
  • Mission Trip - Guatemala

    I went to Guatemala for a missions trip with my church. It really changed my life. One thing I learned is to take what you have for granite. They don't have a lot of things like some of us do. Thanks to: Stacy (Rambling Traveler)
  • Mudbowl

    We had a HUGE Mudbowl. It is where they make a mud pit out of dirt and LOTS of water. I was playing in there with a lot of other people and I got a stick stuck in my leg. I didn't notice until it was over 2 to 3 hours later. It was about 1.5 inches deep and really infected. Scar is still here today. Thanks to: James O'Brien ll
  • Cedar Rapide Flood of 2008

    Cedar Rapide Flood of 2008
    In June 2008, there was a flood in Cedar Rapids. It was as high as 12 feet in some parts. I flooded a lot of downtown. More than 75%. This was devistating not to me or family members but others that were in. Some injuries and a lot of homeless. Thanks to: haithanh on FLICKR
  • Swin Flu

    In March of 2009, there had been a huge sickness. It was called Swin Flu. This started to kill some. There was like one or two cases in Iowa and around 50 in Texas since it is close to Mexico. Thanks to: Artnow314 on Flickr
  • Present - Ipod

    On Christmas Day, I opened all of my presents hoping to get the only thing I asked for. It was there. But no, my parents laid it on my bed so when I went up I could see it. It was amazing. Thanks to: Robert Wetzlmayz
  • Indoor StateCup

    Our Main Keeper wasn't there at Indoor State Cup. So I played as the Keeper. We went into it kinda confedent but not the best. We won our first, tied our second, and won our third. We made it to the finals and won 3 to 1 against JUSC.
  • Outdoor StateCup

    We were playing Dubuque Firestorm in the StateCup Finals. It was all tied up going into overtime. We were dominating the first overtime and in the second one we were to. The ball rolled to Stephan Jones and he turned around and drilled the ball. We won 3 to 2 in Overtime! Thanks to: Amanda Sarison
  • Las Vegas - Soccer Tournament

    I went to Las Vegas for a selected soccer tournament. We had to send in our "application" and hopefully get accepted. We did and it was the funniest vacation in the world. Thanks to: Thierry (http2007)
  • Osama Bin Laden's Death

    Osama Bin Laden's Death
    After all the disaters that he has caused, Obama set up a great plan and killed Osama Bin Laden. He was the comander of the twin towers distuction. So I am glad he was killed. Thanks to: Euskaraz