Key events of Medieval Europe

  • 476

    The fall of the Roman Empire

    The last emperor dies and so does the Roman empire, many theories speculate around how the Roman empire fell and even the date is questioned to this day.
  • 481

    Clovis becomes king of the Franks

    Clovis becomes the new king of the franks.
  • 570

    Muhammad, prophet of Islam is born

    Muhammad, prophet of Islam is born. Who later became military, religious and political leader.
  • Oct 27, 732

    Battle of Tours

    A battle between the village of Moussais-la-Bataille and the independent Aquatine, this battle was fought in northen France.
  • Jun 13, 787

    Vikings invade Northern Europe

    Vikings from Norway invade sailed to "The isle of Portland in Dorset" they were mistaken for merchants from on of the officials the vikings then murdered the man when they tried to take them to the kings manor to exchange goods.
  • May 15, 800

    Charlmagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor

    Date unknowned* Charmagne, king of the Franks, is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Oct 14, 1066

    Battle Of Hasting

    The battle of hasting was between the French and the English. In the end the French were victorious. In the end the king of England King Harold II was killed, legend has it that King Harold II was killed by an arrow to the eye.
  • Nov 27, 1096

    The First Crusade

    The first crusade that went from 1096-1099. It was for the christian conquest of Jerusalem peasents and knights from Western Europe went across the sea to tyr to convert Jerusalem.
  • Sep 3, 1189

    Coronation of Richard the Lionheart

    The coronation of Richard the I occurs
  • Jun 13, 1206

    Mongolian Empire Founded

    Mongolian empire founded by war mongerer and conquerer Genghis Khan.
  • Jul 15, 1215

    The Magna Carta is signed.

    The Magna Carta is signed, the Magna Carta is signed limiting the kings power and creating a legal system not just the kings ruling this was one of the early stages of law today.
  • Jun 13, 1271

    Marco Polo Enters Asia

    Famous adventurer Marco Polo first stepped into Asia with his father and uncle and find many and return 24 years later with many treasures they found.
  • Jun 13, 1337

    1337-1453 The Hundred Years War

    The beggining of the hundred years war between the French and the English as the French try to defend the throne against the english army. The French finishing the victors.
  • Jun 13, 1347

    The Black Death hits Europe

    The black death, also known as the plague hits europe and later kills hundreds of millions of people.
  • May 30, 1431

    Execution Of Joan Of Arc

    19 year old female leader of the french joan of arc captured and burnt at the stake.
  • May 16, 1450

    The Printing Press Is Invented

    Exact date unkowned* The printin press is created by Getensberg. Later portable versions of the printing press was created by Johannes Gutenberg.
  • Jun 13, 1455

    War of the Roses

    The war of the roses begins between the to rival branches of "the house of plantagenet" the house of lancaster and the house of york, for the throne
  • May 14, 1498

    The Last Supper

    "The Last Supper" is a painting painted by Leonardo da Vinci, it symbalised "The Last Supper" that Jesus Christ ate.