JR.Sensenig.French Rev

  • French Divides

    3 social classes 1st estate-clergy 2nd estate nobilityly 3rd estate prasants/everyone else finacial troubles deficit spending on 7year war bad harvests and texes
  • financial troubles

    deficit spending on 7yr war bad harvest/taxes and food/prices and louis XVI lived really good
  • estates general

    estates general was called all 3 estates were present 1st and 2nd class outvoted 3rd estate the 3rd est created a national assembly and took the tennis court oath to meet whenever possible.
  • storming of the bastille

    800 parisians assembled outside the bastill/demamding and gunpowder/wepons the comander inside refuzed to open the door and then open fired on the crowd
  • women march on versialles

    6000 women marched 13 miles shouting bread/demanded to see the king and queen and blamed the queen because of her extrvagant life the women demanded the king and queen to move to paris the queen and king were forced to live there for 3 years
  • threats from abroad

    the king of prussia and the emperor of austria issued the declaration of pilnitz in this document the two monarchs threatened to intervene to protect the french monarchy france took the threat seriosly
  • civil war

    the newly elected legislative assembly took office faced with crises at home and abroad it survived fot less than a year economic problems fedrenewed
  • monarchy is abolished

    jan. 1st 1793 radicals execute the king oct. 1793 marie antoinette was executed