Jonas community vs. Ours

Timeline created by aelsbury
  • Me-Birth-Given Name and Family

    We get our names right then at the spot. I was given Abigayle Elizabeh Elsbury.
  • Jonas-Year One-Given Name and Family

    At the ceremony you are given your name and family. Right when we are born we are given our names and family. They waot and gove ot tp them at the Ceremony of Ones.
  • Me-First Christmas

    This was when I had my first Christmas. I got most of my first toys here.
  • Jonas-Year Two-Given first toy

    At the ceremony of Twos is when they got their first toy. They got their first toy then and we got most of ours on our first Christmas.
  • Me-Age Three-Began School

    When I was three I began school. I went to school only three days a week.
  • Jonas-Year Three-Given Hair Ribbons

    At the ceremony of Three they were given their hair ribbons. They would have to wear them for many years. They were given hair ribbons and they had to wear them for many years everyday. In our community many people change their hair style about everyday. You dont have to wear a certain thing in your hair or certain style.
  • Me-Age Four-Sibling born

    at age four my little sister Ally was born. Now I had two younger Siblings.
  • Jonas-Year Four-Given Buttoned Jacket down the back.

    At year four they were given a bottun down jacket with the buttons on the back. They had the buttons on the back to show that somebody else had to do it for them. They could do everything by themselves.In our community one thing that four years have to have somebody help them with is tieing their shoes.
  • Me-Age Five- Lost first tooth

    At age five I lost my first tooth.
  • Jonas-Year Five-Bigger Clothes

    At the Ceremony fo Fives they were given bigger clothes. They get bigger clothes which means that their growing and we lose our first tooth. At age five we are both having something change to our bodies.
  • Me-Age Six-New Bike

    When I was six I got a new bike. I had out grown my previous one.
  • Jonas-Year Six-New Toys

    When you turned six you got some new toys to play with. When Jonas turned six and when I was six we both got something for entirtanment.
  • Me-age Seven-Started comepeting

    When I was seven I started comepeting in gymnastics.
  • Jonas-Year Seven-Front Bottuned Down Jacket

    when Jonas turned sven he got his front buttoned down jacket. This showed that he had to be independent and bottun his own jacket. when I started competing if I did bad I was responsible for it. I couldnt blame others.s
  • Me-Age Eight-Began Reach Program

    When I was eight I started the Reach program. This is a one year advanced class that you test into.
  • Jonas-Year Eight- Begin Volunter Hours

    At year eight you began volunter hours. You would do these until you were given your Assignment. You began volunter hours and I was in a harder class both getting us closer to see what we wanted to do when we grew up.
  • Me-Age Nine-First Animal Bite

    When I was in fourth grade I got bight by our class pet which happened to be a Leopard Geicko.
  • Jonas-Year Nine-First Bicyle

    When they were nine they got their first bike. I got my first bike when I was three, I learned to ride it before I was four. In Jonas's community they would be no where near riding a bicyle at that age.
  • Me-Age Ten-Got My Dog

    When I was ten we got my first dog, his name is Champ.
  • Jonas-Year Elven-Adult Hair Cut

    At year elevengot their adult hair cut. In our community we get our hair cut whenever we want. We also can get it as many times as wanted/needed also. In Jonas's they dont have that freedom.
  • Me-Age Eleven-Got Cell-Phone

    When I was elven I got my first cell-phone.
  • Me-Age Twelve-Started Junior High

    When I was twelve I started Junior High.
  • Jonas-year Eleven-Adult clothing

    In Jonas's commmunity they get their adult colthes at year eleven. We can buy clothing anytime that we want to. Most people go and buy clothes more than once in their life. For Jonas he gets them here and then thats it.
  • Jonas-Year Twleve-Given Assignment

    Once they reached twleve they began on thier assignments, In Jonas's community you began work at twleve and in ours at age twleve you are only about halfway through your education.