Jaques Cartier's Timeline

  • Dec 31, 1491

    Jaques Cartier was born.

    Jaques Cartier was born in Saint-MAlo, France. HIs mother was Geseline Jansart and his father was Jamet Cartier.
  • Period: Dec 31, 1491 to Sep 1, 1557

    Time Span

  • Mar 19, 1534

    He gets and order from the king to dicover rich, new land.

    King Francis the first ordered Jaques Cartier to look for new land in Asia. He also said to look forgold and diamonds.
  • Apr 20, 1534

    Jaques sets sail from his country, Saint-Malo.

    Twenty days after he set sail, he spots land. He travelled in a boat given by the king called Grande Hermine.
  • Jul 17, 1534

    Catier trades goods with the Natives.

    This trade was the first recorded trade that happened between the Natives and Europeans.
  • Jul 24, 1534

    Catrier put a croos in the name of France.

    He planted this in the Gaspe Peninsula.
  • Aug 15, 1534

    He returns to Saint-Malo.

    In his voyage home he takes 2 Natives along with him.
  • May 19, 1535

    King Francis the first wanted a second exploration in New France.

    Jaques considered Canada as New France.
  • Aug 10, 1535

    Cartier goes back to Gaspe Peninsula.

    When he gets there he names the river St.Lawrence in honour of a saint.
  • Jul 16, 1536

    Cartier returns to St. Malo

  • Feb 7, 1541

    Has his last voyage to New France.

    Date for this is unknown. He went to make a settlement and find gold.
  • Sep 1, 1557

    Jaques Cartier dies.

    He dies in in Saint-Malo as a epidemic.